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Making Money with Your Audio Interviews

May 1, 2008
Audio is becoming the "next big thing" on the internet lately. We're finding welcome messages on websites, audio blogging, podcasts, even audio newsletters sent out once or twice a month. Internet surfers are enjoying audio and today's technology is making it so simple for us to download audio to our MP3 players, listening to it whenever we like.

You can take audio files that you had for any interviews you are conducting for information products or articles and make money with them in other ways. You can do this in the following ways:

By offering a product upgrade: If you have already created a written info product (ebook or special report) and have conducted interviews while doing research for the product, you can then offer the audio files as an upgrade to the base product. For instance, if you offer the basic product for $19.99, you can include the audio files to the customer for an upgraded price of $24.95 or higher, depending on how much audio there is to accompany the product.

By offering a product downgrade: This is a bit opposite the above description. If you offer a program that includes written content and audio content (like interviews), offer just the audio interviews for those who can't afford the entire package. For instance, if your package price is usually $199, offer the audio only for a price of $75. This can be a way to capture the sale from someone who would have otherwise not been making a purchase.

By offering an audio information product: As well as offering an upgrade and downgrade, you can offer audio files as completely new information products. For instance, invite people who have purchased your product onto a teleconference line for a Q&A session. Record the session, then have it to offer to future customers.

As a seminar series: A seminar series is a great way to create buzz for your business, generate website traffic, and to make money. You should consider approaching other business owners that also interest your market, and ask if they can be a part of your seminar series.

Depending on how much traffic you currently have, you may be able to charge the presenters a fee to have a spot in your seminar as well. You can opt to allow people to dial in on a teleconference line or meet in a web conference room and listen to the live seminar for free, and then charge a fee for access to the recordings of the seminars. Alternatively, you can charge a fee upfront and only give paying customers access to the live seminars.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to make money with your interviews. You will find readers will enjoy hearing your voice, as well as hearing from other experts. With a little organization, you can bring a whole new stream of income with your audio interviews.
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