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Maximize Your Forex Trading Strategies

May 1, 2008
The forex market is a money exchanging market it can also be called foreign exchange market which is the largest market in the world. It is one of the most liquidable markets that exchange close to 2 trillion dollars in a day. That makes it about thirty times the size of the New York stock exchange and the Nasdaq stock exchange combined. The forex markets have a very high amount of money that is exchanged. So they are able to absorb large trades in access of millions and the market won't be affected.

When a person has large amounts of money to exchange and wants to convert one type of money to another fast, forex is very well suited. The big money in this trading market are banks, foreign currency dealers and forex investors. Currency is exchanged directly amongst these players. These traders may be hedging currency risk or may be diversifying.

How this market works is this. Five major currencies are traded. The US dollar, the British pound, the Swiss franc, the Japanese yen and the European dollar. Currencies are traded together in pairs. An example might be like buying the european dollar verses the american dollar these crosses in the currency market tells one is buying the EUR and selling the USD hoping the european dollar goes up against the american dollar. Likewise the seller of the EUR/USD would be selling the european dollar opposed to the american dollar. This spot market is settled with in 2 business days. The percentage of US dollar trades in forex is over eighty percent.

There are many events that move rates up or down. That would be supply and demand. A few things that move rates could be world disasters and unforseen news events. Most of these news items can be factored in to determine movement in the market. There is no one central place for this market. It is exchanged between traders by means of computer terminals, telephones and markets all over the globe. The foreign exchange market is considered OTC or over the counter. Online trades are bought and sold through internet trading platforms and brokerages.

The foreign exchange market wasn't open to the small investor until lately. The size of the transactions were to large for the small trader. The big money dealers and large banks as well as the weathty forex traders were the only one's with the money to handle the large financial trades. Now the chance to leverage large positions with a little amounts of cash makes this market more attainable to the small investor.

Platforms that are software based are created by those who know about currency exchange. This software has the ability to take into account, global conditions and markets that are open 24 hours a day. Without this software a investor would have a rough time to be able to trade well. When using such platforms a person can special order their trades to suit what they need, such as types of orders, and stop loss orders. The trade signal arrives at the brokers account almost immediately.

Trade with the software in your no cost forex trial account. Test it with your no cost forex charts to go back in time with these charts to see how the history of a currency. Begin with your mini account and see your account grow in size. A paper trading account involves normal trading functions, like starting buy (or sell) executions or exiting the market. What it's like is a real live trading account except your not executing with actual money. It allows one to get used to the trading system allowing one to learn how to execute buy and sell trades, as well as how to use stop orders.
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