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Mona Vie Juice - Not A Scam, But Is It The Right Biz For You ?

May 1, 2008
Mona Vie sells a few versions of a nutritional juice product through a multi level marketing system. The products are reported to have the health benefits of antioxidants as well as increasing energy and reducing aches and pains. Successful distributors can earn a good income.

Founded by Dallin Larsen, Mona Vie is based in Salt lake City, Utah. The distributor compensation plan features many different ways to make money including direct sales, bulk order bonus, first order bonus, star maker bonus, binary team commissions and executive and leadership pools. The plan is considered to be both generous and lucrative.

The Mona Vie juice costs $30 to $40 per 25 ounce bottle and the difference between wholesale and retail prices allows for a mark-up of about 15 percent. Bulk purchases qualify for lower pricing and earn bonus points. Obviously, the idea is to incentive volume purchases and reward those who move a large volume of product.

Mona Vie is not an economy product since someone taking the recommended one to two ounces twice daily will go through a 25 ounce bottle in about a week. The primary ingredient is said to be the acai berry from Brazil. The berry is rich in antioxidants and considered to be a super-food. Other fruit juices are included in the formulation. The flavor appeals to many but it is not universally loved.

As with many nutritional supplements, one hears claims that Mona Vie can increase your energy level, reduce joint pain and ward off serious medical conditions such as heart disease, hypertension and so on. Mona Vie does not make aggressive disease prevention claims in their literature so such claims are probably the work of over-zealous distributors. The company literature talks about delivering antioxidants, phytonutrients and glucosamine and esterified fatty acids in certain of their products.

Many people in the USA fail to consume the recommended servings of fruit and produce daily. It follows that nutritional supplements can be a benefit when diet does not deliver all the needed nutrients. Attention to detail is important in comparing nutritional products. I noticed that the Mona Vie literature lists relatively few nutrients compared to a multi-vitamin product.

Mona Vie literature states that acai berry is the key ingredient of the product due to acai's high anti-oxidant value. The ORAC value per serving is not stated on the particular brochure that I have. A nutrition facts table on the brochure list indicates that a serving contains 20% of the daily recommended value of Vitamin C, 1% of the sodium and 3% of the total carbohydrates.

Based on what I had heard about Mona Vie, I expected it to be a complete nutritional product. However, based on the literature, it is primarily an antioxidant product and you have to go elsewhere to get your vitamins, minerals and so on. Considering the high price and narrow coverage, I am not impressed Mona Vie. A liquid supplement product that I use from an MLM company costs only $30 per month delivered and covers all the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants (2500 ORAC). That beats Mona Vie hands down for value.

I also enjoy Xocai Healthy Chocolate, another MLM product which has acai berry as well as potent antioxidants from specially processed cocoa. One little Xocai Power Square has an ORAC value of 3,582.

In terms of the quality of the business opportunity, there is no denying the success of many Mona Vie distributors or the company as a whole. The concern I would have has to do with the cost of the product compared to other alternatives such as a value priced multi-formula supplement like GBG or a decadent antioxidant treat such as Xocai Healthy Chocolate.

From a product standpoint, I find the Mona Vie business opportunity to be less desirable than other options due to concerns about the price of the product relative to its limited set of nutritional components. The products are probably of high quality but may be a tough sell in todays economy where more and more people are having to tighten their belt.

Experienced network marketers know that having a great product does not build a business; you need great marketing as well. But marketing is certainly a lot easier if you have a product that is well priced and offers a compelling value. Mona Vie is a well respected company but I think their products are overpriced.
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Chris Gatenby is an internet marketer focusing on home business. Be sure to check out two of his favorite home businesses referred to in the article: Xocai Chocolate and GBG Nutrition & Weight Loss.
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