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12 Cheap Ways to Advertise Your Internet Business

May 1, 2008
When people start out creating a company online, they often have tunnel vision about their marketing strategy. Unless you can afford a team of experienced professionals to walk you through the process, you could probably use some tips for reducing your advertising costs. Some of the following ideas may surprise you.

First, it is important to design all of your marketing efforts with your target consumers in mind. While you may seek customers just minutes from your doorstep, they will still most likely find you via the web. To have an effective online marketing plan, select the best possibilities from the list below.

1. Targeted e-zine advertising

2. Online press releases

3. Forums

4. Affiliate marketing

5. Pay-per-click ad campaigns

6. Press releases

7. Become a regular contributor to online forums in your niche.

Don't forget to consider traditional advertising options to include alongside your online efforts. For very little investment they can reach a large number of people who may or may not be qualified buyers in your area. Since you can reuse information and graphics that were originally designed for your website or online marketing campaign you also save a little money in that regard.

1. Purchase a short amount of air time on cable television networks in your region, specifying, if necessary the towns in which you want your ad run.

2. Local cable network

3. Contribute to direct mail ads.

4. Advertise in small free newspapers.

5. Cable television ads in your town reach thousands.

6. Never underestimate the power of a well-worded and strategically-timed press release.

Taking the time to keep track of a your diversified marketing efforts is also key to your success. If you can know at any given moment which types of ads are bringing in the most sales, you can choose to eliminate less visible ads at that point. This will save you the costs of running the less successful ad campaigns, but will also require that you somehow track how customers came to your website.

There is one technique for effective advertising that has not yet been mentioned. This is the simple and straightforward tactic of giving customers exactly what they expect in a timely manner, of course. Making your clients happy enough to broadcast their good experience with your business is a great way to ensure repeat business and get your name out to even more people.

These days everyone is looking to shop quickly and efficiently. To do this they use search engines and to ignore this fact could be devastating to your bottom line. But in general, it is a great idea to diversify your advertising plans across several media outlets. By using a combination of both online and offline marketing you can reach the very specific audience whom you want to buy your product or service.
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