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How To Make Easy Money On Ebay

May 1, 2008
I recently made $970.46 on eBay without selling a thing. No mailing items, no trips to the post office, no websites. It took about 20 minutes to setup, and I did it over a 15-day period.

I used the eBay Crusher method. When I first read the book, I was sure that it would work, so I started implementing what it said immediately. It was such a simple and logical idea, I was amazed that no one had ever done it before. This is it in a nutshell.

You know how people all over the internet are looking to make money, but don't know how? They start a website, then give up because they can't get traffic to the site?

eBay Crusher gets rid of both the problems of making a website and driving traffic to it. It combines affiliate marketing strategies with the marketability and popularity of eBay. And if you've ever been on eBay, you know that people go there for one reason...to buy something.

Well, think about this simple question: why couldn't these people looking to buy something on eBay buy it from you?

It's a pretty simple idea. But how well could a idea actually work? It seemed too easy. It was 20 minutes of work, after all. Could I actually make money with the eBay Crusher method?

Over the next 15 days, I didn't do a thing. And over the 15-day period, I made over $900. A pretty good start for a new idea.

eBay Crusher solves all of the problems associated with selling online and is a super-easy introduction to affiliate marketing. This guide is perfect for the new and frustrated affiliate marketer alike.

The author of eBay Crusher, Dave Franko, had been using the auction site eBay for over 5 years, and in his dealing on the site as a successful marketer. He spoke to hundreds of people who wanted to make money online. These particular people were looking at eBay as means of doing making that money.

The problem for a lot of these would be marketers came with finding products to resell at a profit. Many times, securing items to sell requires either a large amount of cash up front, or paying inflated prices, leaving no room for much profit.

And then, there was the problem of the huge costs of securing and keeping expensive inventory that may or may not sell in a timely manner.

But Franko saw that a lot of the obstacles to being a successful online seller could be eliminated by using eBay with a unique series of steps.

With the eBay Crusher method, things like generating targeted and responsive traffic, paying outrageous fees for pay-per click traffic and building time consuming websites are eliminated.

The methods in eBay Crusher are laid out step-by-step in an easy-to-understand way and only require about a few minutes of work per month to begin realizing auto-pilot profits.

The step-by-step plan is easy to set up and begin. They require only a small investment, as small as $10 to start, and can be used to make consistent, auto-pilot affiliate commissions as well as help build a targeted prospect list that affiliates can use for years to come.

eBay Crusher gives those that are new to making money, as well as seasoned marketers a easy to follow, easy to achieve action plan to make money. Because these strategies in this book have only been utilized by a handful of people, it can be used by both the new and more advanced marketer.

See our screenshots of our 15-day test run here: http://www.ebaycrusher.org.
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Read more about eBay Crusher, including first-hand testimonials and profit screenshots of our 15-day test run at http://www.ebaycrusher.org
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