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How To Grab Or Snap Good Domain Name

May 1, 2008
For those of you who don't know I want to mention that buying and selling domains these days can bring good money. Of course to make decent money you must have some good money in your pocket and know what kind of domains to buy. So research is a must and here I will try to help you to point in right direction and show you how you can find good names.

To be successful on the domain market you must have right tools. These days everybody knows that only automation can help you find one good domain among millions. So you need to decide first which domain you want to buy. If you are looking for domain with page rank and maybe website on it then it will be easy, because you don't care about domain name in terms of letters, numbers, hyphens, pronunciation, or combos.

If you want to be involved in buy/sale transactions or to find good domain name for yourself then you have to do following things. First of all you need find good tools, I can say that my preferred tool is prtag dot com. It offers lots of things you will need to find good name.

So where to find a good domain name? Actually all or at least 99.99% of good names are registered. So the only way is to buy it on auction or try to snap it before it expires if current owner forgets to renew it. Believe me - lots of good domain names are forgotten to be renewed. The only thing is you need to monitor millions domains to find a few good one.

Everybody knows that the best known places to buy domains which are about to expire are: pool.com, snapnames.com, namejet.com, prtag.com. So check all of them and see what it is all about and how to use them. And now I want to print which domains you must be interested in.

I can tell for sure that one word domains names are taken and it hard to find 2 or 3 letters domains. Also you need to know that TLD .com is still most widely used which means that good name with dot com extension will cost good money. So look for dot com first.

When you search for good domain make sure that name is pronounceable. Here is the most valuable combination CVVC, VCCV, CVCV, VCVC, CVCVC, VCVCV, where V stands for Valve and C stands for Consonant. Also domains with only letters and no hyphens like LLL, LLLL, 5L, 6L are valuable. You may find that domains with only numbers can be hard to find: NNN, NNNN, 5N.

Some combination of letters and numbers (sometimes hyphens) could be valuable too. Here is a few examples: C-C, V-V, C-V-C, V-C-V, L-L, N-N, L-L-L, N-N-N.

I want to warn you do not buy domain names which contain well known brand names and copyrighted. As long as no one use such domain even its registered those big giants wouldn't bother you. But when they note that you make money with their domain name they will come after you. I can tell they they fork fast. I had my own experience when eBay sent me email within 3 days of registration of domain with ebay in it. So don't risk your money, play smart.

I think this is pretty much I can explain in this article. If you want to know more, just visit websites in my signature. Thank you for reading.
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