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How To Advertise Without Spending $1 On Advertising

May 1, 2008
Are you a boot-strapping entrepreneur struggling to get appointments and find new customers through conventional advertising methods?

What if you could discover one method to generate business around the clock without spending a dime on advertising?

Does it sound too good to be true?

Before I explain, let me ask you one question...

Have you ever jumped into the deep-end of a pool without learning to swim first?

That's exactly what most businesses are doing with advertising. They believe what the advertising sale rep tells them, that as soon as their ads go live, their phone will ring off the hook and their inbox will be filled with floods of incoming emails.

So they gamble with their hard earned money on full-page ad placement in newspaper or magazine, prime spots on TV or radio, with the hope to strike it rich and make a home run at their first attempt.

However, the sad truth is most businesses end up with ads that flopped like a dead fish, where the phone is sitting idle and not a single enquiry came through.

If this ever happened to you, I bet your advertising didn't work because you skipped lead generation and jumped straight to sales before starting a dialogue. You did not neutralize your prospect's mind and establish confidence before the sale process begins.

In other words...

You are scaring off buyers because you are asking for money much too soon.

Remember that the higher the price point of your initial sale, the more words you will need to persuade. The "sale" page for my special report alone contains more than 500 words, and all that it asks for is people's email address.

If your product or service costs anymore than one hundred dollars, you will need eight times more words to make a powerful impact.

Let's assume you advertise in a trade magazine. You will need to have a full-page ad placement to fit in the amount of words, and the average price for a single issue is $4,000 dollars.

That means you will need to sell more than 40 items at $100 each to cover the expense. This is hardly a realistic expectation for one single ad.

However, if you can offer "educational" content to the publisher, you will get the equivalent ad placement for free and save yourself $4,000 dollars.

If you position yourself as the adviser and promote through education, your message will be exceedingly more powerful than advertising.

The average length for an article is between 500 - 800 words and that's very quick and easy to produce.

And if you are strapped for time, you can have an article ready in less than 10 minutes, just by recycling any existing files or documents you already have, including brochures, sale letters, newsletters, ebooks, seminar handouts, or blog posts. This topic is outside the scope of this article but if you are interested to learn more, don't forget to visit my website.
About the Author
Lei Wang is a leading education marketer who focuses on reducing advertising expenses for business owners. Get instant access to her 17 page report "How to Advertise Without Spending $1 On Advertising and Reduce Your Ad Expenses By 80%" (Valued at $39.95 - Yours FREE). Visit: http://www.paynoadvertising.com/report.html
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