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The Truth About Low Cost Advertising

May 1, 2008
What could be a better advertisement campaign than one that is inexpensive and yet very successful? Let's face it. Not all businesses have the money to spend for big time advertising. What if you are just an ordinary advertiser? What if you are just working from your home? Here's one amazing truth: low cost advertising is very feasible.

Great Examples of Low Cost Advertising

One great example of low cost advertising is advertising from home. Believe it or not, this one only involves a minimal amount for the production and distribution of fliers and business cards. Just always have a good amount of advertising materials to be given away.

Make sure that you can give out fliers and business cards to your family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other house guests to advertise your business. You may also hire someone to distribute the flyers for you in public places like malls, supermarkets and community centers. If your budget allows it, you can also give out samples of your products.

These fliers can be a very effective advertising material. Fliers can be given out to people during an event. Even in school activities, you can give away fliers to students and other guests. These can be placed in bulletin boards of some schools and offices provided the authorities allow it.

Most of the big businesses attach their fliers when sending their bills. Since many people are paying their bills online, you can just use email if you have any information you'd like people to know.

Another effective example of low cost advertising is word of mouth. This means talking to everyone about the product and asking them to talk about it to other people as well. For example, you can start by talking to a friend about your new product. Your friend would talk to another friend about the product who in turn will discuss it with another friend. Word of mouth is absolutely free yet very effective.

If you have a product, you can package it in such a way that your company or business is well advertised. You can put information about your products or business in each order as well as your contact number.

You can also use your voice mail to deliver your marketing message. You can start with a brief greeting, and then state your company's website and email address and any special offers, so that who ever calls will be already having the telephone number and they will be able to learn more about the business by visiting the website. Just take note that repetitive voicemails sound very uninteresting and dull so you have to change it frequently and be more creative in recording it.

Any business can use low cost advertising to promote their product or service such as : placing business cards or fliers on the bulletin boards of the local grocery stores, businesses, barbers, or butchers. Low cost advertising is indeed too good to be true. It's all good and it's all true.
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