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Are You a Novice Who Would Like to Make a Web Site?

May 1, 2008
Getting into the global marketplace is easier now than ever before. The Internet allows you to tap that marketplace from your living room. But what if you don't know how to make a Web site?

There are other big changes happening as well. For example, job security isn't what it once was. Fewer companies are offering benefits, and the ones that do are charging for them. With all this considered, perhaps you'd like to start a Web site to earn some money. Perhaps you'd even like it to become your mainstay.

There's a hurdle first: you don't know how to make a Web site. You may think a Web site costs a lot. So you haven't done anything.

There are plenty of tools out there on the Internet that will help you. They are template Web sites that do nearly all the work for you. But there is one problem with them: you don't learn the skills you need to know to manage the site! As a Webmaster you will need to some HTML, the formatting language for Web sites. You'll need to add affiliate links, shopping carts, and clickable ads -- three of the big tools you'll need for earning money on your site.

Learning HTML--it sounds a lot harder than it is. Actually you only need to know a bit of HTML, not the whole subject. You can look for a tutorial on it, or a book. If you sign up for a class at the local junior college, you're probably learning more HTML than you need.

You will need to use Web site creation software. There are basically three alternatives for you: Macromedia Dreamweaver, which is several hundred dollars; Microsoft Front Page, which costs around $100; and Nvu, which is free. Nvu is open source software, originally part of Netscape-that browser that was a competitor to Internet Explorer in what seems like the distant past now. Open-source software is publicly available software that is maintained by programmers on their own time, usually because they want to provide us with an alternative to Microsoft.

Web hosting is something else you will need that can be costly if you are not careful. Web hosting is renting space on a server. Hosting companies offer fancy solutions for big bucks, and also simple solutions for little money. If you buy both Web hosting and domain registration from the same company, you may get a better deal. Domain registration is reserving your domain name, such as www.mywebsite.com. In fact, you can probably find companies that offer both for as little as $25 per year for a simple Web site. Open a search engine and type in "cheap domain hosting" and see what you find!

Internet users are buying plenty of e-books these days. E-books are books without the paper and cover. Sound odd? Basically, they're just the information. You can print them out on your printer, or read them on your computer. The best thing about them is that you can get your book immediately, a popular feature in our culture. So look around for an e-book on how to use Nvu.
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