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Why Choose Paid Web Hosting Over Free

May 1, 2008
As with everything in life all the choices we make have distinct advantages and disadvantages. The problem is that we don't often see the disadvantages until after we have made our decision. This can also happen when we choose a web hosting provider. There are many web hosts that provide free hosting. Why pay for something you can get free? Free is great for hosting personal sites.

Are free web hosting accounts really free? They may not cost you money, but why is the provider giving it to you free? It's not out of the goodness of his heart. Free web hosting providers are in business. So how do they get paid? They do this by advertising on your site. You get the traffic to your site and they get paid from your traffic that click and buy from the ads.

If all you need is a site where you can display personal or family thing even photos a free site will be all you require. If on the other hand you want to use it to promote an internet business a free site could be a hindrance.

Internet marketing is about driving traffic to your site, gaining their trust and having a laser focused squeeze page. Free web hosting fails here. You can lose the focus on your squeeze page because of the ads that your free web hosting provider has placed on your page. You also need to come across as a professional marketer that can be trusted. Free web hosting will give you the appearance of an amateur. In the end your free site could be costing you sales.

If you are promoting a product you will always be better off with a paid site. You will need to choose the hosting package that will suit your needs. Some of the benefits of a paid site are:

1. Look far more professional. What looks better? yourname@yahoo.com or yourname@yoursitename.com Having your own email addresses will look much more professional. I personally don't deal with marketers who use free email accounts. I always wonder if they are just a fly-by-night enterprise. Here today and gone tomorrow.

2. You will be able to use PHP and CGI scripts

3. You will have access to MySql databases. Most scripts today require a database. You may wish to use a blog script such as Wordpress. With a paid web hosting account you will be able to.

4. You will have greater resources available such as plenty of disk space.

5. You will also have your own personal control panel. This will allow you to work behind the scenes on your site creating email accounts, setting up databases and much much more, all with ease.

These were just a few of the reasons why you need to choose a paid web hosting provider there are many more.

You can start out small and grow. Your web hosting provider should be able to increase the limits to your account painlessly. So when the package you chose first becomes too restrictive you can get the limits increased. By this time you will already be making an income.

In summary: a free web site host is good for non commercial sites such as family or personal sites. If you want to sell anything on line you will be far better of paying for your web hosting provider.
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Selecting the right web hosting provider is an important step for your internet business. Some web hosts also provide other free services you would need to run your business. One most important tool is the follow-up autoresponder
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