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Your Business Recipe For Success

Aug 17, 2007
Beginning your own home based business, on the internet or anywhere is not always an easy decision to make.

There are many factors to study, to work on, to be successful.Home based businesses, after all, do not seem to be very secure to some of us, nor are they prestigious to others.

However, before you get discouraged and start enumerating the reasons why you feel that your little dynamite home based business cannot possibly work, you should take some time to read the following stories about becoming a full blown entrepreneur, step by step, and not let many small problems and people, that you will have along the way, discourage you.

A long time ago, there was a young drug store clerk named Asa Candler. Candler decided to start his own home based business after purchasing a beverage recipe from the town doctor for $500 behind a store counter. That amount represented his entire life savings, but Candler was dedicated to making his home based business work.

Today, that venture is a multibillion dollar company with an unmatched international distribution network. It owns the most recognizable brand name in the world. What is this company? You have probably heard of it. It is called Coca Cola.

What did Asa do to plant such a powerful seed that has grown for over a century now? Was he persistent? Looks that way. Was he smart? It is really hard to tell. Was he preparing himself for a terrific opportunity that he fully believed and accepted would come along if he put his heart and soul into it? Count on it. Was he actually thinking and believing an opportunity was going to come along sometime? Clearly, yes.

How could he possibly know when opportunity was there? He did not know. He only knew that an opportunity would come and that he had to be prepared as possible to do something about it when it showed up. He had to clearly recognize opportunity when it knocked. We know he was clearly ready for it because he saved up $500 which was a tremendous amount of money for someone of his occupation at the beginning of the last century.

Major financial and life lesson here ladies and gentlemen. Practice finding opportunity in everything you do everyday and you will be stunned at how your skill will develop in this area. Trust me. It only takes practice and opportunity will come.

If you are prepared like Asa, nothing will hold you back. Doubts of negative people will be mowed down like grass under a moving mulching mower and nothing will be able to stand in your way. Remember that the next time you have a vanilla coke, okay?

Next example.
One day, Anita Roddick, a British woman whose husband was frequently away on business, decided to make her hobby a moneymaking venture. Roddick, with little to do whenever her husband left town, did not choose to watch soap opera reruns or take aerobic classes.

Aerobic classes are fine, they increase your physical and mental health. Soap opera reruns are a serious no, no, okay? Let us continue. Instead, she took to concocting with various potions in her garage including the ingredients of interest and enthusiasm.

She gave a few of these potions to friends and found out that they were very popular, so popular that she was soon selling them all over her neighborhood. She had the big E for enthusiasm. This made word of mouth advertising, for her, which is one of the most explosive powers in the business world. Especially when just one person, at the beginning likes it.

This home business, from such inauspicious beginnings, is now an internationally recognized franchise that does billions of dollars of business each year. What is this business? It is called the Body Shop. Other names would be enthusiasm, persistence, intensity, burning desire, love of making something nice and good for our fellow human beings. See how good we can be when we try?

History bristles with examples of large corporations that started close to home. Truly, great things start from small beginnings. Did you know, for example, that Microsoft was started in a garage, by Bill Gates and Paul Allen? Remember that Paul Allen maxed the SAT test? Big clue for you here.

What is it? Right! Bill picked out the most appropriate and best human being he could find to work with him. He did not pick out a lazy, alcoholic, drug sniffing, stupid jerk. Can you trust me that this major step will make a major difference in your life career success? Good job.

Looking at the company now, it is pretty hard to believe, but it is true. Back then, Gates and Allen were just two geeks who were more interested in writing software than they were studying in school. They were doing something good, found excitement in it when others did not, and threw themselves into it with, you guessed it, enthusiasm. The A bomb is not even as powerful as this.

In fact, Gates dropped out of Harvard, worked on his home business, and produced MSDOS. The rest is history. Bill Gates is, of course, currently the richest man in the world, and his company, Microsoft, dominates the software industry.

Bill is a happy guy and gives away billions of dollars every year that is like interest from his principle, that does not shrink, so he can go on doing this forever and be a big hero to us, his family, the world and history. Pretty nice, huh?

Now, you may never aspire to reach the heights that Candler, Roddick, and Gates have. But I pray you put the very powerful lessons in this article to the test and try for yourself and those you love.

The purpose of this article has been to remind you that even the greatest of successes were at first small ventures, not unlike the one that you are planning to build. As long as you infuse imagination, creativity, and plain old hard and smart work into your business ideas, there is no reason to believe that you will fail.

Even if you do, you should simply pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes, and push forward. You never know. Your home based business might become the next Microsoft, or the next Coke! Get excited and make it happen by doing.
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