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Home Business Bloggers - Get Wired For Traffic With Video Blogging

May 1, 2008
Home business video blogs are treated as a powerful social and business phenomena these days. Mainstream entertainment is wired with a new online video based technology - video blogging. You are essentially the director of your own home business video promotion. Popularly known as home business vlogs (short for home business video blog), usually it contains product promotion scenes and mini "Infomercials" essentially.

Not just an outlet for media response, vlogs can also be profitable. According to some experts, by creating a home business promotion video advertising your products and aggressively linking it up with various online promotion strategy, fast income is a possibility.

Google Video and Youtube are very typical examples for the numerous vlogs being done today. A lot of people post their home business videos daily. It's a media-friendly digital file anyone could author and direct for profit anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

What should be the content of my home business vlog?

Basically, everything you can think of to tie into your product or service. A mixture of humor, downfalls, heartaches, struggles, and life's simple pleasures. You could personalize your home business promotion videos with anything - your favorite food, an MTV you proudly taped, vices, poor sleeping habits, health problems - ANYTHING. These are powerful personal touches that identify you as a person as well as your home business. It doesn't have to be a crowd-pleaser; it just has to be real.

How can I start my own home business video blog?

Gather up a camcorder or a mobile phone. Put the lens in front of something that you think would be interesting and would catch your viewer's attention. Then start recording. The time spent will depend on how elaborate you visualize your home business vlog's appeal. Express your home business to the masses. Be "Media Mogul".

Now is the right time to start a home business video blog.

After you've assembled the right equipment, make a go of it. Plan on practicing in front of the video camera. Go through your entire product unveiling on camera. This professional tip is critical. For two reasons. One, get used to your presentation while being recorded. Two, Watch your presentations and closely evaluate your performance.

It's ok - Time to be constructive. Ideally - You will get the hang of it after a couple of hours under your belt. Practice makes perfect applies so much here. An Actor may go through 1 line 50 times at home and have 17 takes in front of the camera. For 1 Line... Practice a few days and watch your progress. Another benefit is that you can experience your writing - Is it Conversational for example.

Below are 4 easy steps for beginners on how to put up a home business vlog.

1. Visualize - precisely How your home business vlog would look. Think about how your home business video production would start and how it would end. If you have no idea on how a home business vlog really looks like, browse your way through the internet.

2. Produce - Downloading the video content from the camera into the computer, editing, titling and compressing your home business video.

3. Upload - post your vlog on your home business website. And voila! You presented your home business video blog. Easy isn't it?

4. Make your home business vlog more appealing by continually adding quality video content people would search for.

"When the Student is Ready - The Master will Appear..."

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