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Your Shopping Cart Scripts

Aug 17, 2007
When a beginning business entrepreneur first hears the term quality shopping cart scripts he or she might think this means the words that are put on the Web page, the script, that will urge the consumer to respond using tact, salesmanship and testimonials.

While those words are important certainly, and should include a clear and focused call to action, shopping cart scripts are good ways to determine who is looking at and buying what when they come to the merchants site. They are a good way to measure how good and doable the navigation is on the site.

Good shopping cart scripts will not only tell the merchant exactly what the consumer looks at and how long she or he views the page but it also tracks those consumers from the very beginning of their decision to buy or not to buy, right through to the end of the online transaction.

This is an especially important tool by which the merchant can tell if there is any pattern to a consumers dropping out of the transaction before completion of the sale.

If, for example, a high percentage of potential buyers are leaving the transaction at the point when they are asked to register, the merchant might be inclined to think that registration is too early on in the transaction process, or the navigation process to order is not clear.

Worse yet, it might show that the common sales lead on the site cannot figure out how to order on the site.

He or she might do well to take the advice of these good shopping cart scripts and not ask that consumer to identify him or herself until it is time to pay for the product. Maybe use more testimonials, free bonuses or benefits of the product to be sold.

The good shopping cart, rather than a cute little icon is the carrier of these scripts, the method that takes the consumers choices to the transaction page and does so securely. It connects with the gateway that sends the details to the payment process page. The scripts will track their choices all the way through to the checkout.

Next, here is where the good shopping cart scripts connect with the merchant account programming to take the money the consumer is spending on merchant products. At the time of payment, the gateway sends the messages that the payment is good to go or denied to the shopping cart software and its scripts.

Is the navigation to buy drop dead clear?

Shopping carts and their scripts could be free, or could cost a pretty penny, depending on the numerous bells and whistles you choose or not. Be very sure to have enough bells and whistles to let your lead understand how to buy from you.

What are good shopping cart scripts for start up businesses may not be robust enough for larger firms with more ecommerce transactions. There are hundreds of good shopping cart scripts from which to choose. You cannot emphasize enough having good and clear navigation to let your lead buy.
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