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Career Coaching and Assessment - Building Happy Employees

May 2, 2008
There are two main categories of career assessment. The first examines a person's aptitudes, training, and preferences, as part of career coaching development. This type is mostly reserved for high school and college students seeking a professional career that is well suited to their unique personalities and talents.

A different kind of career assessment examines career choices retrospectively, long after graduation. Companies and individuals, specialized in career coaching, will examine the person's salary, benefits package, importance to the company, job satisfaction, and the stability of the company and the industry.

Security can no longer be found in just making the same average salary as your friends, or in working for an average company at 30 to 35 years of age. This does not assure you of employment in a few years, or the opportunity of advancement. For an honest review of your circumstances, objective perspective on your potential, and real-world suggestions for possible changes, a career coach can help.

Many students have long since decided on what career they want. A coach can help them determine if they have the proper skill set and educational achievement to accomplish their career goals. Many students may have wanted to do something since they were small children, but don't enjoy the preparation that is required to enter their chosen career. They may require a very different career path.

Many progressive companies offer career assessment and coaching for their staff. It might seem unusual for an employer to tell a staff member that they aren't happy with their job, but it is actually a pretty good idea. Unhappy employees are less productive, and moving such dissastisfied workers to a position they would be happier in will make them more productive.

Happy employees are productive employees. When an employer looks after the best interests of their employees with the same scrutiny that they look after their bottom line, it really inspires the employee to work even harder and makes them more loyal to the company. Hence, employers benefit when their employees' job satisfaction is at a peak.

Assessment of a person's career is a two milestone thing. The first milestone which comes early in a person' life is known as career coaching development. This basically identifies the strengths/weaknesses of a student and thereby helps him evaluate as what careers would suit him. The second milestone comes a little later in life. This assesses the choice made in terms of one's career, looking beyond a good salary and a reputed organization. Career assessment is useful to students as well as employees. Taking up a professional career involves a lot of things- a good assessment is just one of them. A career coach sees the bigger picture.
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