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Top Five Tips For Getting Government Cash For Your Small Business

May 2, 2008
Getting government grants and loans isn't rocket science, but it takes some know-how, says James Byrne, Director of the Small Business Consumer Centre.

Here are five grant-winning tips Byrne says will triple your chances at funding.

1. When you find a program suitable for you, look for others. Don't stop at the provincial program that offers funds for new entrepreneurs; look for comparable federal programs.

2. Move laterally. The government works in mysterious ways, and a department that may seem to have no relation to your business may be the place to look. For example, you may think the Department of National Defense is funding summer militia training, but then discover it's the Canada Employment Insurance Commission.

3. If at first you don't succeed, try again. You may find you're not eligible for funding from a particular agency, but you may be able to simply adapt or repackage your existing proposal and apply to a different agency.

4. Talk with those who give the money away. By establishing personal contact with the bureaucrats who oversee government programs, you may find yourself in the right place at the right time. The official may solicit projects from you, let you in on new programs that are being planned, or introduce you to non-competitive or inside-track awards.

5. Improvise. Even if you're not eligible yourself, you may be able to profit from a program. For example, you may be able to help a non-profit apply for funds which will help them hire you for a project.
About the Author
James Byrne is an owner of http://www.grants-loans.org/; Visit the site (http://www.grants-loans.org) for more information about Canadian Government Grant Loans For Small Businesses.

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