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The Secrets to Managing a Successful AdWords Marketing Campaign

May 2, 2008
There are accounts on the television saying that you can make hundreds of dollars a day with little physical effort using Google Adwords. They are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

There is a lot that these people are not telling you; namely, that they have invested hundreds of man hours in research and establishment to create these campaigns that are now bringing in giant profits only because of the fact that they are well structured.

Do not let this introduction to AdWords fool you. The concept behind AdWords is a brilliant one; you provide the creative ideas and the search engine will do all of the legwork for you. It is possible to make a tremendous amount of money with AdWords if you know the proper technique.

Vital and of primary importance in Adwords campaign success is keywords that are chosen with skill and care.

An ideal keyword will be one that is general enough to allow a consumer who has not been previously exposed to your product to locate it in a search but specific enough that it is not going to yield a tremendous number of false leads; remember, the search engine that is facilitating your pay per click campaign is going to charge you for the number of times that the link in your advertisement was followed, regardless of the profit it may or may not have brought in.

AdWords has several tools to assist marketers in the selection of the keywords for their advertisements. These tools will help them to locate the words which are the most popular on the internet today (the keywords which are being entered into the search engine during searches with the greatest frequency) as well as assisting them to find synonyms to these words to either expand their current advertising campaign or to hold in store for later campaigns.

A further key point in successfully managing an Adwords Campaign is the amount of cash the marketer has that he can offer when someone selects their ad

A middle of the road web searcher searches for the information he is looking for on the first 5 or so pages and rarely goes beyond that. With that in mind, to ensure that an ad in AdWords is seen by the most people who would be likely to buy, the ads need to show up in the first 5 or so pages that are most often looked through.

PPC advertisements are arranged by the search engine on a greater to lesser basis; that means that ads that are bringing them greater profits will be given higher rank status than those that bring lesser profits. The more an advertiser will pay the higher it will be ranked and the more visibility it will be given.

Finally, after selecting your keywords and establishing your bids you must carefully monitor the success or failure of the ads you have launched. An advertisement which is bringing in nothing but false leads needs to be restructured and one which is bringing in more positive leads may warrant a higher bid to move it up in the ranks.

Diligently managing your AdWords campaign pre-launch and post-launch presents you with the most probability of success.
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