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May 2, 2008
Article marketing is the most effective method of increasing traffic without any cost involved. While the article should have value in itself for the person reading it, there should also be one or more back links to where they will find more information.

The best place to submit articles is site where you know they have a great deal of traffic every day; within a relatively short period you should start to experience more visitors at your site. Popular sites tend to be recognized as 'authority' sites, so if your article is used it can improve your credibility also; by improving your standing, you will by default, also improve the level of trust people have for you.

Article marketing carried out regularly can bring fantastic rewards as people begin to see you as an expert in your field. Convincing people of your knowledge in certain areas ensures they will always trust what you write. Although it can take a while, this traffic from people that trust you will help your own search engine ranking; you should find that in time that more visitors that have found you in the search engines improves. The more websites that link to yours, the more traffic you will achieve; all of this comes with no charge so you are actually able to market yourself for free.

It is the links placed in the text and at the bottom of the page that makes article marketing so useful, successful and popular! When other internet users find your articles good, they tend to insert them into their own sites with all the back links to your site which just helps its ranking.

Just how quickly you will be visited by a search engine and listed can vary enormously from a day to months! However if you are submitting articles that are relevant to your website, the process of listing your site is usually much quicker which increases traffic.

The content on your website is what brings the search engines and hence visitors, so therefore part of your article marketing campaign should be to continually add fresh content to your website. Remember that visitors do not know that your website is trying to get them to buy something.

There is no reason why you cannot be truthful about what you are doing once they reach your website provided they have useful information. It is once they have entered your site where you have the chance to sell to them. Doing it this way ensures the visitor is not mislead and is happy to be shown what you are selling. By doing this you are securing any order you make and will receive less refund requests.

It is this type of article marketing ensures visitors are always coming to your site; do not think for one minute that this is will be a success if it is only done once! An additional benefit from writing quality articles is that other website owners will either link to your site or use your articles on their own site; having your article duplicated on other people's sites can bring a great deal of traffic. You cannot dismiss just how effective article marketing is at getting people to your site for free; all it requires is regular, fresh and unique article content to achieve this.
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