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A Prosperous Adwords Campaign Has 3 Main Ingredients

May 2, 2008
All across the internet marketers are screaming the praises of AdWords, promising young, lazy entrepreneurs that for the right price they will teach them how to make hundreds of dollars a day from the comfort of their home for only three or four hours of work.

Wait a minute. Lazy?

Sure! The reality is that Adwords is not that complex and by putting a little more effort into the project these young entrepreneurs could learn what these experts are charging money to teach.

A successful AdWords campaign necessarily has these three components in its strategy:

1. A success keyword. The keyword choice made for the adwords campaign is the pivotal decision out of all the decisions that are made when setting up an adwords campaign.

The key to good keyword choices is to find one is broad enough to allow the web surfer who has no foreknowledge of the product/service you are selling to be led to it but at the same time it is precise enough that there won't be an overabundance of unprofitable leads.

It is important to remember that a search engine is going to charge the advertiser for the placement of their ad regardless of the resulting profit; after all, the only profit they are truly concerned with is their own.

The significance of this is that when an ad has a common keyword (advertisers can go to the search engine's data base and find keywords that are often used in ads) it may bring in tons of visitors but not many sales.

AdWords has a number of tools available for marketers who are having difficulty finding an appropriate keyword for their ad. By visiting www.adwords.google.com advertisers will have complete access to some of the greatest pay per click resources on the internet.

2. High ranking bids. The unfortunate truth is that internet surfers are a broad representation of most types of people. They want precisely what they want and they want it right now.

This means that they are not going to have the patience to search through hundreds of pages of information; if what they are looking for is not within the first five to ten pages of a search they are probably going to attempt to send their search in a new direction with a new set of keywords.

If you are a marketer this means that you need your ads on the first page or so of search results. This is tricky because the as are put up by how much a marketer is willing to pay per click and not by when they were turned in.

Finding that vital balance between the desired exposure and the amount of money shelled out is a necessary but difficult task. While being on the top of the display list is desirable and garners attention it isn't helpful if your budgetary concerns don't allow enough exposure.

Fortunately, in the interests of not forcing their advertisers into bankruptcy AdWords allows them the ability to put a "cap" on the amount of money they are willing to spend on an advertising campaign; when this amount is exceeded the advertisement will simply be pulled from circulation.

3. Follow up. Even if you have maximum effort from a crack team of advertisers, there aren't any guarantees about the results after an ad campaign is up and running. The advertiser still must watch the actions of the ads so that a problem can be avoided or minimized, and changes made to the ad campaign as needed.

There you have it! All the necessary points to build an adwords campaign that is a success; and you didn't need to pay out $64.95. What you do with these tips is totally up to you the marketer.
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