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Choosing The Right Kind Of Background Music For Website

May 2, 2008
Choosing the right kind of background music for website is important, especially if you are a website developer and your client only expects the best out of your work. Some webmasters prefer not to include background music because they fear of large files and slow loading of page. There are plenty of kinds of songs to choose from such that it gives your website a professional touch. Who says you need large audio files in order to produce an excellent website?

It is very important to choose a music that suits the mood of your ebusiness. This would definitely make your visitor's browsing experience a pleasant one.

Let us say that for example, if you were building a site that caters to teenagers, than most probably pop music would be ideal. The music that you use will help to brand your site. Is the song impactful and full of energy? Or it is slow and enchanting? Either way, the kind of songs that visitors hear from your website would determine how they would view your product and company.

As an advice, background music that goes in the website should be full of energy. This does not mean that you have to put a heart thumping song that blasts into the visitors' ears. Choose something simple and light, but yet has impact.

But at the same time, you have got to remember that you are not supposed to choose any copyright material. So, if you were previously thinking of using Robbie William's track, then forgo the thought.

This calls for the use of royalty free music. Royalty free music are tracks that you can buy and as the purchaser, you are entitled to use it over and over again with unlimited use! When using royalty free music, you would not need to worry about getting into trouble with law.

There is plenty of royalty free music you can find on the Web. Just give Google a search today and you will be treated to a list of sites which offers royalty free music download.

So now, you can just find a track that sounds like Robbie William's and use it in your site.

There are plenty of types of files that you can use. The more common ones are WAV files and MP3 files.

There is a new one in the market called pre-made flash loops. These pre-made flash loops are pretty popular. They are commonly used as background music in websites, blogs, myspace et cetera. These files are created and recorded by professionals. These flash music loops are also small in size so you would not need to worry about pages that take ages to load. You can find various music styles with this flash music loops.

You can also create your own songs! You may be thinking that "I am not a musician" but you will realize that making your own tracks are not that hard. You can actually have a small and unique theme song composed to sing out your product benefits to the viewers or website visitors.

It's time to squeeze every single creative juice out of your brain!
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Ray Barthell is an internet audio specialist providing royalty free music at http://downloadroyaltyfreemusic.net. Be sure to download free sound effects
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