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New Google Needs New SEO Tips

May 2, 2008
Search engine optimization is a continuous process and there has been some new updates and revisions in the Google SEO ranking policy known as algorithm. The task of attaining a good rank with Google is no longer an easy task and now that the trend has changed so we must also mend our ways to set the task right.

The changes which Google has come up with have affected the all over rating of many of the websites but the three major areas which are tremendously affected by the shift are:-

1) website history

In today's scenario, the website history is playing an important role for its webmaster. The history of the website mainly concerns with the date or the duration for which the WebPages of the website exist on the web. In short, the longer your website has been online, the higher are the chances that your website rates higher with Google. So, you need a lot of patience for your website to rank high with Google, however, the first thing you can do is to choose a decent or an appropriate keyword and key phrase, and get good original content for the website whereas, by the time you are finished with doing the optimizing the site will have gained some seasoning online.

In the beginning your concern should be just to gain a fair amount of ranking and a decent traffic while looking for relevant links to increase the inbound links and allow them to stay with you till they get old.

2) Backlinks can make a difference

The link popularity can make a difference to your rankings only when you have had links that have existed with you for a long period of time. Websites with newer links are likely to face the brunt of the new Google SEO policy. So, if you have just launched a website and are looking forward to a good Google ranking, you just need to wait. What is significant here is that, you must make links that are relevant and can stay with you for a longer period of time. The answer to the question as how to make them stay longer is that, you choose links that are relevant to your business because not any unrelated website link would do. For example, a designer whole website having a link with a designer apparel retail house is meaningful as they are related to each other, even though they might not have the same keyword or keyphrase.

The next thing that must not go without notice is the natural links which have been gaining a lot of importance since the past few years in Google SEO ranking Algorithms.

Natural links are the ones which gain a place in the content of the website. Natural links are always rated higher than unnatural or the links that are mentioned in the website directory. So, it is advised to that you should place the links with the descriptive pattern or rather content of the website. What is also advisable here is that better not create links with similar website or anchor. Such an attempt will be quickly discovered by the search engine. So, better if you anchor different links with your website and place them somewhere within the content of the website.

3) Structure and the content

Unlike the earlier trend the importance of the keyword density has declined a lot and that there is more emphasis on the site based key phrases. The important point here is that Google has been scrutinizing the relevancy of the key phrases also with the content of the site. This hints towards the basic or rather the core process of the website development which should be well planned to get a good SEO ranking. The website structure should be in relevant with purpose and that content should bear a relation with the purpose of the site. Nonetheless, the relevancy or the relation of the keyphrase to the content of the website articles is also very important. So, if in the past just a specific amount of keyword got you a good SEO ranking this time you need to change your strategy.

During the development of the site make sure you have specifically conveyed the purpose of the website all through the content of the WebPages. While link building had been significant, forum formation is also important. Google lays a lot of importance to websites that have created a well planned user friendly, compelling useful content. To conclude the last word here, I would only say that Google give preference to the websites that are there to help users and make web browsing a healthy experience.
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Moe Tamani is a consultant with Dallas based Internet Marketing Company specializing in Organic Search Engine Optimization.
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