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How To Attract Links And Rise To The Top Of Search Engines

May 2, 2008
There is no doubt that building links will prove to be valuable. It will increase the traffic to your site and simultaneously increase the search engine rank. But how do we go about this? There is still some confusion regarding that. Winning links is similar to winning a friend and cultivating them. It makes the life of the search engine easier and richer. Links are present that one gives to the search engine company. But to pick a link or purchase them is not in your hands. You cannot compel anyone to be your link. You have to discover it and you have to deserve the link. That is possible only when you prove yourself to be worthy of that i.e. by producing the desired results with little waste of efforts.

Website owners try to win links to a particular site because it will generate revenue for them, and not because of a pending request. A site owner will always look for the best bargain. Efficiency is the key to link building. Look within yourself; see what you have to offer and how your capability will benefit the website owner. A person who is competent, skilled, professional, well-organized and systematic will be appreciated.

Everyone likes to be appreciated. A genuine compliment can help you get the desired link. You can also inform the site or blog owner about how the site has benefited them and how much you enjoy reading it. Specify the article, tips or links on the blog that were favorable and advantageous. But see that this is not made up. There has to be some truthfulness in your expression. People of all ages carve for appreciation. Making someone feel that their site is a great will make them feel important.

It is better to be informal at times. Addressing people with their names always adds a personal touch to the mails and makes one feel respected. Such mails always gain an edge over the others and are more likely to be short-listed.

Try to be selfless, helpful and caring. It is human tendency to be selfish and think of our own benefits. Rise above this and think of it from the other person's point of view. Thinks of the time and energy they will be devoting in building the link and the base for setting up your search engine.

Winning links for you SEO just like endorsing. One site getting linked to the other is similar to a person informing another person about, a book, a movie, a store they enjoyed recently. Search engine companies take its own course to get established. Winning links cannot be done randomly. Craft relationships through discussion forums, blogs and e-mails. Show your gratitude to people who have taken out time for you by providing the necessary link. Obviously, this method takes longer, but you will rack up quality links this way. This technique would be better than sending out dozens of emails in a shot and them getting deleted and getting the junk tag.

At a party everyone likes to show their best side, best sense of humor, best outfit, best décor, and best cuisine. Offering the best and unique content on your search engine will give you the cool tag.

Nobody likes to be criticized or condemned. But instead of feeling indignant and resentful and getting furious, keep your mind open and rectify your skills, this will have a better influence on people. Be a good listener, whether the feedback is good or bad be attentive and come up with a amicable solution. This way it will be easier to accomplish ones goal.

You will lose if you argue. Getting into arguments will only lower your esteem. People who get in to arguments are confident about their position and it will only get more difficult to solve it. Just hail the argument and give the impression that you are analyzing and carefully listening. Apologize if the need arises. This set will calm down the opposite person. Try to bring the situation in control without letting it get worse. Explain your stand and the reason for doing so. If satisfied with your explanation the opponent may apologize too.

It is like being in a boxing ring. When you are in boxing ring, it doesn't matter how hard you punch. What actually matters is how hard a punch you can take and continue fighting. Same is with life. Think quickly, correctly in such a way that you are not caught up in any situation and you don't leave others in the lurch too. Lofty thoughts will automatically reflect in lofty actions. Winning links for your SEO is all about presence of mind, common sense and understanding people, rather than getting your emotions rule over you.
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