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Tips For Top Rankings In The Leading Search Engines

May 2, 2008
Search engines like Google, yahoo and MSN are the most reputed Search engines and if you are planning to get the best rankings with these three, it is likely that you need to put a lot of efforts.

All these three search engines have different algorithms to determine the SEO ranking of any website though all three of them are known for the best web browsing relevancy, and this is a base which allows a website to know its ranking or the position where it stands.

Every SE has its own criteria to rank the websites which can cause a lot of disparity however, the result that comes out at the end is comprehensive because each website is judged on different criteria and the best would come in the top list, though you may find a few variations. For example, suppose if Google eliminates the link factor from its algorithms, than it is likely that websites with less weight or rather no weight would top the list. Similarly Google can not give links all the weight as credibility factor to rank the website. There has to be a standard that can be used to measure the level or the position of the website based on all these factors. With this simple example it can be understood why it is necessary to have measure and standard for website ranking. The inference from here can be taken for the overall ranking of the website with all the major search engines. There is a time to time change in the algorithms list that are used to rate the ranking of the website on the internet. These updates test websites and readjust the weight given to these ranking factors.

The system might be a bit complicated but it has a very simple theorem of testing a website at all fronts. Theses are the general guidelines and premise with which all the three giants work together to give web browsing a better results.

Search engine optimization with MSN

For MSN SEO the website needs to be developed well. The website with different related themes is likely to please MSN. Also, the other thing that is most liked by MSN is that a website should have many reciprocal links. MSN gives priority to the new and updated content along with the inbound links to the website. These three important factors can easily get you a good ranking in the list of the MSN.

Besides that you also should be careful about the size of your website. You need not have a very large website to attract search engine sieve but that choose a size that suits your business best. You need to have website that focuses well on all the aspects of the business with relevant articles enriched with sufficient amount of primary keywords and key phrases. Unlike Yahoo and Google, MSN does not give much of a importance to the age or the life of the links, you just need to have good number of relevant inbound links and grabbing visitors attention will definitely reap results.

Search engine optimization with Yahoo

With Yahoo too you need be careful about three major things besides other factors. These three are the content of the website and the link building along with the structure and size of the website. The earlier method and the premise of Yahoo algorithms were quite similar to that of MSN but there has been a shift towards what Google has been using for a long time.

The structure of the website should be your preference as always and the link building has to be planned more carefully. Yahoo gives a lot of importance to the age of the links, unlike MSN that just requires large inbound link numbers. One thing that cannot go without your notice is the WebRank that was used by Yahoo for search engine optimization process.

Search engine optimization with Google

Google is the most popular search engine and almost every website wishes to attain a good rank with Google. Google search engine ranking process requires a thorough revision to all the important aspects of the website development. Apart from the structure and size of the website originality of the content and quality is also equally important. With Google, you need to be patient and perseverance to get a good search engine ranking as Google takes into account the age and page rank of the links as well. So, while you have all the three major SEO ranking criteria with you, there surely should not be any problem for you get a good online ranking.
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