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Learn To Get More Traffic In Your Tanning Salon

May 2, 2008
A tanning salon offers people a great way to look and feel good about themselves. It is important as the owner of such a business that you find ways to increase the number of people noticing it. You may find your competition has you worried as they keep people from coming to your establishment. If you are creative about what you offer them though they will come in out of curiosity.

You will need to encourage people to turn to your tanning salon instead of another one in the area. They may have been wondering about your business but just haven't gotten around to checking it out. Offer coupons for one free tanning session to those that haven't come in before. This way you can increase your exposure to new customers.

In addition, offer them a discount to sign up for a package deal after their free session. You may feel you will be losing money this way but you aren't. You may have given them the first month at price but now they are a regular customer. They are going to be paying full price to tan each month after that.

Consider offering them a free type of product in order to make the tanning process better for them. If they can accelerate the process they will be more impressed by what results they get. They will then buy the bronzer in order to maintain their deep color. They will also continue their tanning services with you. The discounts you offer and the free products you give them will pay for themselves in the form of ongoing sales.

It is vital to the success of your tanning salon business that you offer the very best customer service. Make sure you take the time to train your staff in the various aspects of the business. They need to be able to effectively meet the needs of each person that calls in and each person that comes in for a look around. This is a service oriented type of business and people expect the quality to be there.

A positive attitude and the willingness to help them though will encourage them to sign up for your services. Offer free tours of the tanning salon for those that are afraid to make a commitment. They may have never signed up for tanning services before or have had an experience that wasn't good. That could be the reason why they are looking elsewhere.

The focus shouldn't just be on getting new business though. You definitely need to continue to meet the needs of those you already have. You can offer them incentives, continue to get them in for an appointment without making them wait, and offer them samples of new products.

In order to have an effective tanning salon business, you need a steady stream of customers. The only way to do this is to continue to strive to reach out to new ones and to keep the ones you already have happy. You need to work at developing the very best types of relationships you can with others. This way they will never venture anywhere else for their tanning needs.
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