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Be Creative With Your Coffee Shop Business

May 2, 2008
One of the issues that many coffee shop owners face is trying to get more people in during the afternoons. Serving food for lunch is one way but you can also feature wonderful tea parties. A coffee shop is the perfect location for this type of event to take place. Many little girls love to have pretend tea parties at home so they will be very excited to have a real one.

You can choose to have these tea parties weekly a couple of afternoons, every other week, or once a month. As soon as people start to find out about them you will have no trouble getting enough people to sign up for a reservation. Your coffee shop tea party may even become the place for a princess birthday party for some lucky young girl.

You can make these tea parties as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. The focus needs to be on offering girls, moms, daughters, and even fathers who want to spend a few hours with their little girl a nice experience. Make sure you advertise for our tea parties so people can make plans to attend. Let them know if it is will be casual dress as well.

For such an event you can offer various flavors of tea for everyone to enjoy. You can also feature small sandwiches and some delicious tasting desserts. The price should be per person and they can have as much of the drinks and food you offer as they want. You can charge one price for adults and another for children.

The number of people you will be able to accommodate for such tea parties will depend on the size of your coffee shop. The way your tables and chairs are arranged should be taken into consideration. You don't want people who attend your tea party to be crowded. Should you have more people that want to attend than space you can let them know you will try to schedule more events soon.

You may want to consider having some entertainment for the tea parties as well. This can liven things up and give those that come back regularly something new to look forward to. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate or expensive in order to be a great hit. At the vary least offer some music that goes well with a tea party.

Make sure your staff understands how important these types of gatherings are for those that attend. That way they will be sure to do all they can to keep them happy. You may need to have additional staff on hand during these tea parties depending on how large of an event they become.

There are many reasons why you should have tea parties at your coffee shop. They will be a big hit and that means more people and money coming in. Since you will be scheduling them during your slower periods it can really make a difference for you. This is a great way to let those that haven't been to your coffee shop know what you have to offer them.
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