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Getting Customers Into Your Coffee Shop

May 2, 2008
Does your coffee shop have all of the right features to attract customers? You need to make sure it does or you will find the coffee is on and no one is walking in the doors. This can be very scary but if you run your business right you won't have to worry about it. You won't have to wonder if you are going to make any money that day or not.

Early risers want their coffee just like everyone else. If your coffee shop doesn't open until 7 am you may be losing out on a large portion of sales. If you close the doors at 2 pm you may be missing out on people that work a late night shift in your area. Survey what is going on around you so you can get a realistic idea of what your operation hours should be. You can always change them too if you need to later on.

A great selection of products is important for a coffee shop. If this isn't in place people are going to get their drinks from some place else. They aren't going to come back and pay their money for something that they don't like the taste of. Keep them excited about your products. The prices you charge are important as well because consumers will be looking for value that is comparable with the quality of the coffee they buy.

Of course they can't wait all day for that delicious tasting coffee either. It needs to be hot, fresh, and readily available. Many people will be on their way to work, school, or other commitments and they are watching the clock. They gave themselves enough time to come in for coffee but they likely won't have too much to waste waiting for it.

They also want the person waiting on them to know what they are doing. A flustered employee doesn't reflect well on your business at all. They want fast workers that are friendly and even fun to be around. They should look nice too so consider having a uniform such as a nice shirt with a color and your business logo on it for them to wear.

What is your atmosphere like? Do your customers feel like your coffee shop is a place where they can hang out and relax? Some people feel comfortable enough in one to sit for a while and relax. Others visit with friends, return phone calls, or do their work. Yet they need to feel like they are wanted in the establishment.

You can easily have an amazing coffee shop that people will love to visit. Make sure you don't cut corners and lose these essential elements though. Do your very best to make sure your goals are in place and your staff is dedicated to helping you meet them. If they aren't you will need to get other people to work for you.

Try to find ways you can be original in your approaches as well. What can you offer as a feature of your coffee shop that is different from others? It is those things that will really stand out to your customers. It will make them loyal enough to drop in on a regular basis. With a coffee shop business, repetition is the heart of success.
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Karyn Lewis is passionate about great coffee. If you are thinking of opening a coffee shop, and avoiding the common mistakes new owners make, you can read more at her recommended coffee business website.
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