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Knowing The Rules When Minors Come To Tan

May 2, 2008
Adults aren't the only ones that want to look good. Many teenagers want to have golden skin too. They approach tanning salons to get a great base tan before they go on summer vacation. They also want a nice color for big events that will take place including prom and graduation.

In some areas there are laws against minors tanning without they consent of their parent or guardian. It may be 16 or it may 18 years of age that they have to be to do so on their own. If there are no such laws in your area then it is up to you to set the policies and procedures for your tanning salon.

It is recommended that you don't turn those teenagers away that want to tan though as long as you go about it legally. They often have their own money to pay for the services or their parents do it for them. They love to buy new products and many of them have the time and the desire to tan all year long. This can help your business over the slower months too.

Should you decide it is a good idea to allow minors to tan at your salon, you should have the parent or guardian come in to sign a release. This way you can be sure the minor does have their permission to come in. They can be very smart about forging permission slips. It is much harder to get an adult to pretend to be their parent or guardian in person.

Generally though there won't be too much trouble with it from the parent or guardians point of view. Many of them see nothing wrong with their teenager tanning and many of them encourage it. You can help with the cost of it by offering a family package or a discount when more than one person comes in together. Tanning is often an activity that moms and daughters enjoy doing together.

It is important for minors and for their parents to understand the risks involved with tanning though. Skin cancer is possible and the age of people getting diagnosed with it is younger and younger all the time. If they are willing to take that risk that is fine, but it is your responsibly to make sure they know about it.

Make sure the teenagers are taking responsibility as well though. They need to sign the release form as well. This should only be done once they have read all of the information you provided. You want to make sure you aren't held liable for any issues that come up so this should be a priority.

With the trend of teenagers using tanning salons, this is a corner of the market you don't want to forget to appeal to. Make sure they know the rules of your salon though so they won't be irresponsible. They need to show up on time for their appointments or call to reschedule. They also need to use the equipment only as it is designed. Make sure they know they can ask you about any questions they may have.
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Betty P Davis writes about the facts and myths within the tanning business. You can avoid the rookie mistakes many new operators make when they buy a tanning salon.
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