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Leasing Office Equipment : Why Lease?

May 3, 2008
Leasing equipment may seem like putting money down the drain, but it really isn't if you do the math. Thousands of businesses, startups and established, tech companies and service providers, all businesses just like yours, lease some or most of their equipment. In fact, 8 out of 10 businesses in the U.S. lease some or all of their equipment. Why? Because in the long run, it saves them money. Why invest in expensive equipment that you won't use that much, or only seasonally? Why sink all your cash into capital equipment when you can lease the same thing inexpensively and maintain your cash flow?

Some reasons business people turn to leasing:

* Computers become obsolete in 18 months today--by leasing computing equipment, you avoid the costs of replacement every year and a half, as well as the headache of getting rid of the old equipment.

* In start-up businesses, the cash flow inherent in retaining $40,000 and paying only $10,000 for leased equipment pays off big time compared to outright buying things for $40,000 and keeping a cash flow of only $10,000. How hard is it to keep things going when you're billing net 30 and only have $10,000 in the bank?

* Leased equipment allows you to try it before you buy it. You're not stuck with something that does not work for you if you make a mistake.

* In an office, leasing instead of buying equipment is especially wise in many different situations. In new businesses, you may not be certain that new expansion is going to work out, or you may be concerned about how much cash on hand you'll have. Or you may flat be unable to afford it, but you need it and it will make you money.

* You can write off your leasing expenses on your taxes, whereas your outright purchases have to be spread out over five years worth of taxes. You can have your accountant do the math to see how much this will play to your advantage.

* You can lease equipment in an office for the same reason you hire temps: because you don't know whether your new expansion will stick, or because you need it to fulfill a time-limited contract.

* If you lease copy machines and similar high tech equipment, you can always go back and exchange for something else, and most leasing companies also include service when they sell you equipment. Because of the service agreement, you can fix your costs, a predictability that can be invaluable in the running of a business. It also makes you inflation-proof, something that is a definite concern right now.

In short, leasing can save you money and make your business easier in a variety of ways. If you've never considered leasing instead of buying, perhaps now is the time to do so.

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