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Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray - Learn Where

May 3, 2008
Pepper sprays are one of the most effective options for self defense today. With rising crime, especially against women and children, this is the easiest and one of the most effective options when it comes to self defense against both criminals, and wild animals.

There are many kinds of pepper sprays, often concealed in the form of jewelry or accessories such as key-chains, rings, and other similar items that do not seem suspicious.

What Pepper Sprays Are Made Of

Pepper sprays are made of a natural substance called "oleo-resin capsicum", which itself comes from a variety of oily resins of cayenne, chili and other similar spices and peppers. These extracts are then formulated into a gaseous form that has a wide area of effect and high precision when it is discharged in any direction.

What Pepper Sprays Do

Pepper sprays are designed to irritate the eyes when the substance comes in contact with them. In typical cases, contact with pepper spray results in temporary blindness, swelling, tearing up of the eyes, and swelling in the sinuses in the nasal and throat areas, making breathing difficult.

Due to the severe pain and burning, this is a very effective form of protection giving the victim sufficient time to escape and get help even when the assailant is significantly bigger and stronger. Pepper sprays are also widely used by campers and hikers to ward off bears and other dangerous wild animals seeing as to how effective they are. Pepper sprays are classified as legal and non-lethal weapons due to the temporary nature of its effects.

Kinds Of Pepper Sprays

There are many variations of pepper spray available. Smaller in size, easier to use, and more potent than before, the newest of the pepper sprays can be assimilated in daily gear, such as lipsticks, easily. A large number of these options allow each user to choose something that suits their style, needs, and doesn't stick out.

There are primarily three categories of pepper sprays:

1. Obstruction based sprays - These have a simple obstruction blocking the spray and requires that it be removed before the spray can be discharged. This is may be as simple has pushing a switch in a direction or pulling a pin out. This is fairly quick and can be done with a single hand, making this the idea choice.

2. Pepper spray with a covering - This could be a lid or a cap that covers the spray itself, similar to deodorant sprays. Since this requires the cap or lid to first be removed, it is a little more cumbersome and a slower option. However, this prevents 'accidental' sprays and is still fairly quick.

3. One-time sprays - These are extremely easy to use, and very potent. They are also much cheaper, but this is because there is much lower quantity of pepper spray in each dose. Each spray lasts only 1 or 2 uses and must be discarded or re-filled later.

In any case, it is worth remembering that the main purpose of the pepper spray is to protect one against sudden attacks from wild animals, or petty criminals. Style, design and aesthetics of the pepper spray must always be considered in the very end.
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