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Why You Should Consult With Your Print Provider For Quality Envelope Printing

May 3, 2008
Sometimes find the right envelope for your marketing project or your carefully designed letterhead can be a hassle. If all you need is an ordinary office white envelope, you can do magic with colors to make it look like it was printed on more elegant stock. On the other hand for those with discriminating taste, you can buy white office size envelopes that cost up to four times as much. It's all about the quality of the paper.

How will you know if you get the right envelope? To be able to produce high quality envelopes, you must use only the best envelope printing service. You can determine if the service that you utilize is of high quality when it is offered by a professional envelope printing company. There are many printing companies at hand offering different print services. For that reason, you should carefully choose the print provider that you can depend upon to provide accurate and cost saving suggestions.

A professional envelope printing company has the capabilities to produce unique envelopes that go well with what you needed. Secondly, they will freely recommend the proper envelope for your needs. Professional envelope printers will not recommend or print on envelopes that are manufactured cheaply.

If color is your thing, you might want to consider and envelope other than white. You print pro should have ample examples to show to you. You may even be able to see printed samples. Sometimes printers have a display board in their office depicting projects previously printed.

You can obtain custom size envelopes from your print professional providing you can wait a month for the manufacturer. Probably not something you would want to do for quantities less than 2500 because of the added cost.

Sometimes elegant design features require your printer to imprint your company information on flat sheets and then sent to an envelope converting company to cut, fold and apply sealing adhesive.

Cheap envelopes are poorly constructed and made of low grade paper. The not only presents a lesser marketing image for you, they also do not run well when imprinting causing a higher than usual scrap loss.

Indeed, the envelopes are not just an ordinary container for your snail mail. They serve as a very potent tool in marketing. It's the envelopes that attract the customer's attention first. With high quality printed envelopes the ink colors will be vibrant and the feel in your recipient's hand will be meaningful.

Here are some suggestions to help you get a positive impact with your envelope printing project:

If you don't want your envelope printing project to end up as feed to the trash can, then don't create an envelope printing project that looks like one.

Post your envelope in first class. Get commemorative stamps rather then the standard issue stamps. The U.S. Postal Service releases new versions of commemorative stamps several times a year. Most branch offices have at least some in stock. They cost the same as standard stamps and add an interesting appeal to your envelope.
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Steve Robison is the Director of Marketing for West Printing Company in Toledo, Ohio Here is a link to a common envelope size chart that you can use to find just about any size envelope you will need.
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