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Personal Coaching: Beginning A New Job

May 3, 2008
You should always find a mentor to help you when you begin a new job. This mentor can help you with your career. This is important especially for people who are new to the business world. Personal coaching is very important because a mentor can help you through all of the red tape.

You will find that most of the companies provide comprehensive training programs for new employees, however, they are not sufficient to build an informal network. For achieving success in your business, experts suggest that informal networks are the key. Young and hardworking managers who are busy in their own work all the time generally find themselves left out during promotions. The reason is that achievements are not recognized because of lack of visibility in the company. It is definitely difficult to shout for yourself as a new employee. However, this informal network can help you get the much deserved recognition and promotions for all your hard work.

The question arises then how to build a network? The first step is to find a mentor. Next, you should make sure that your mentor is working with the company for quite some time now. Company’s have different organizational structures, therefore, you may choose to talk or not to talk to your upper management. It helps if you are able to find someone at that level. However, if there is proper hierarchical structure in place in your company, then your comfort level will be high with your peers. The tip here is if you choose your mentor carefully and who is at least a level above you, they will act as a bridge for you to the upper management.

Some people have more difficulty finding and maintaining a mentor. The best way to accomplish this is to make yourself available to others in your company so that they can get acquainted with you. Attend company social functions. Make a point of taking a walk through the company break room occasionally and stop and visit with people who are there. You don’t have to be the world’s best conversationalist, but you do need to try to talk with people you might not meet otherwise. Social networking can be the most effective means of making business connections.

After some networking in your organization, you would be able to understand your compatibility with the other people as well as identify the best person who can provide you the best personal coaching. It always helps to understand the kind of rapport people already share with each other in the company. And if you are able to identify a person who is a connector, like who is popular in the organization and constantly connect a lot of people with similar interests.,then you can be rest assured that you have found the best mentor for yourself who will help in your career progression.

Once you have chosen a mentor you should maintain contact with that person regularly; at least once a month if not more. Keep them apprised of the projects you are working on and any other major things in your life. Grow a friendship with them. The closer you become and the better each of you understands the other, the better that your mentor can provide personal coaching to you. Good luck!

A mentor can provide valuable assistance to anyone who is just starting a career. Most companies have comprehensive training for new employees, but this would not assist you in building an informal network. Company’s have different organizational structures, therefore, you may choose to talk or not to talk to your young managers. It helps if you are able to find someone at that level. Social networking always helps to make best business connections with people otherwise you do not generally meet. You should also be able to figure out who will give you the best personal coaching.
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