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Adwords Campaigns: Manage it After the Launch

May 3, 2008
Congratulations, you did it!

You have gotten your market research accomplished. You have skillfully gotten your keywords. You also figured up how much you could spend on bids to keep your ads on the top search result page. You went even farther and the tools Google offers to help with synonyms and relevant keywords; you are set up for the next half a year.

Where to now?

Well,now you really have to get to work. You must track with care what your ads and keywords are doing so you can see if they are performing as you want them to. You can do this in a couple different ways.

AdWords has tools that will allow you to see the amount of traffic generated by an advertisement; after all, this is how they make their profits. There should also be a tracking tool on your website which will show you which advertisements generated the leads that later led to sales.

This is crucial because ineffective adword ads will drain your resources, either by being idle and distracting you from things that could be more effective or by giving you empty traffic, ones with no sales, one that you keep paying for but aren't getting anything in return, because you pay for these clicks whether they bring you income or not.

What are the options for handling an ad that isn't producing.?

If you have done your homework and your ad is appearing within the first five to ten pages of search results it is time to determine whether or not the problem lies in your keywords. It is very tempting when choosing a keyword to select one that is among the most popular-after all, if it is popular that means that more people are going to be looking for it, right? Supply and demand, after all.

The hard part here is that too many of the popular term are too broad, meaning you might start searching for something with this word but would use the results to refine your search and find what you are looking for elsewhere. So if a web surfer used this as a search term he probably didn't know quite what he was looking for and would browse through a number of sites making no purchases. A desirable keyword has a broad enough reach to attract unknowing searchers but narrow enough to also attract your target people.

Careful monitoring of your advertisements is going to be a critical factor in the ongoing success of your AdWords campaign, and it is this ongoing success that will determine the future of your business. Ensure that you are taking every precaution to ensure that that future is a bright one.
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