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Should You Micro-Manage Your AdWords Campaign?

May 3, 2008
The advertisements are everywhere. People who are making hundreds of dollars in profits from the use of AdWords to sell their products working only two to three hours a day. They would have you believe that this is ordinary and commonplace and that you too can make hundreds of dollars in a single day "just by turning on your computer".

What they are not telling you is that the practice of working only two to three hours a day when you are attempting to run an internet advertising campaign is almost unheard of, particularly for a marketer who does not already have an established plan of attack and is trying to find their particular niche. There is no other endeavor that is going to require a greater amount of micro-management than an AdWords campaign.

Ponder this.

The first thing you are going to need to do is go to Google's databases and discover which keywords are popular among all of the recent searches.

Then you need to write down as many keywords that are relevant to your product/service and then compare them to Google's list. (You can do this simply by thinking of what you would enter in a search engine if you were looking for your product/service on the internet.)

After you have your keyword list as you want it, you need to decide what you are going to bid on them. No you aren't going to contact Google and tell them you will pay so much money for getting to use the keyword in the ads and such for your campaign and have google contact you and say 'yes' or 'no'. That is just crazy.

What it means is this: Google has this plan of action: Let the ads that are most profitable be shown first and more often, thereby they are assuring their own prosperity.

AdWords is a pay-per-click operation. What this means is that a marketer (that is you) is assessed a fee for each time that there is a 'click' on his ad and a searcher goes to his website using that ad/link. This is not saying that a sale was made after the click.

Ads that are chosen more often bring more profits to Google, so the give the more desirable top position to an ad that has a higher bid placed on it.

Once a bid is placed and an ad is run it is necessary to monitor the success of that ad every step of the way, as well as any changes that may occur pertaining to the popularity of that keyword on the market.

Ads and keywords that lose their popularity and profitability need to be replaced with a campaign that uses current popular terms.

No, you are not going to make hundreds of dollars a day doing virtually nothing through the use of Google AdWords; you are, however, going to gain a fine appreciation for the art of multi-tasking and micro-management and, if you are among the truly fortunate, being able to see your business flourish.
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