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How To Set Up Your Site To Take Payments

May 3, 2008
The internet is a marketers dream. Here you have an audience that runs into the hundreds or even thousands of millions. All you need to do is get your slice of the action. I'll discuss that in another article.

To get your slice of the internet cake, how can you set up a site to take payments? How can you do so on a tight budget?

It's fairly simple really, and very affordable. The first time you do it you may sweat a little as everything you do for the first time is not easy, but you will soon learn. It is also most affordable for most people. So what do you need to do?

So how do you go about it?

The first requirement would have to be a good web host. I would suggest a cheap host not a free host. I don't mean cheap and nasty. There are plenty of good deals to be found. The other reason you don't want to use a free web hosting provider is you don't want their advertising on your site.

Now that you have your hosting account, the next thing you need is your payment processor.

You will also need the software to make your pages.

With regard to your web hosting provider, here are some things you will need to look for:

How many domains can you run on your account? This is important. You will over time produce and promote many products. You will want a new domain name for each product. You would not want to have to organize and pay for a new hosting account each time you decided to run with a new product.

Can you use CGI and PHP scripts on your site? How much disk space do you get with this account? How many MySql databases are you permitted to run? These are some of the things you need to get answers to in choosing a web host.

Then we need our payment processors. We'll just look at three. These are the most popular among internet marketers, they are also very affordable. Would free be cheap enough?

The first one is free. You pay a small percentage of your sale to the processor. This one is PayPal. Free to join and set up your account. You will need a PayPal email address. It is good to set up a dedicated email for this. You should be able to do this with your hosting account as you should be able to set up a number of emails.

2Checkout.com is another payment processor. They charge a one off fee of $50 to set up your account and then a small percentage of each sale. This processor also is used by many internet marketers.

The last one we'll look at is ClickBank. They sell many products for internet marketers and businesses. They organize and pay affiliates. It is free to join ClickBank as an affiliate. To become a seller you need to set up a separate account with a one off fee of $50 to set up the account and then a percentage of each sale.

On the sites of both PayPal and 2Checkout.com you can set up your products and their sites will generate code you can place in your sales pages where you want the buttons to appear. Or link to an existing button. ClickBank will generate a URL you can link to a button on your site. This is the easiest method of the three.

As you can see, setting up your own e commerce web site is not real difficult and is very affordable.
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To sell on the internet you need a dependable web hosting provider. Some web hosting providers also provide free value added tools such as an autoresponder as it is impossible to market on the internet without one.
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