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Nursing School The Male Nursing Student

May 3, 2008
Years ago there was an unspoken rule that women were teachers, nurses and men stuck to construction or physical labor. Today that unspoken tradition has been lifted and men as well as women are entering professions once thought to be unsexed. Since the differences in gender can offer unique benefits this has been a positive for just about every career field in the world. One of the most prominent fields that have seen an increase in male enrollment is the nursing profession. Today it is not uncommon to see as many male students as females, and not surprisingly they are excelling within the profession.

Any Attached Stigma

Some males may still ponder the thought that there may be a stigma attached to their entering into the nursing field. What they must remember is the fact that the world has changed drastically. The division between males and females is not as clearly defined as it was ten or fifteen years ago. Today what a man can do a woman can do and vice versa. This has opened up opportunities to men and women to fulfill their life long dream. There is nothing feminine about wanting to care for patients or help those in need of medical assistance. Men are as compassionate as women and many have made a career out of something that they love.

Within The Profession

There are many different options and opportunities within the nursing profession. It is not only a career in the hospital or in a physicians office. There are other opportunities such as support groups, academics, education and a variety of other medical specialties. This is only one of the beauties of nursing, there are so many differing options. One nurse may find it fulfilling as a travelling nurse, while another desires to work with cancer patients or premature infants. This is a personal choice that is afforded to those with a nursing degree.

How Schools Recruit Males

Since the generation is one that has seen the clear cut division in the roles between males and females many universities have made an attempt to recruit male students. This may be by offering incentives or advertising directly at the male population. Textbooks, brochures and other educational information has also seen an update and now includes men as well as women. This helps remove the stigma and make men feel more included in the educational process as well as the profession itself. There are also many professional organizations and associations that promote the entrance of males into nursing roles.

Male Nursing Organizations

Organizations such as the American Assembly of Male Nurses has frequent conferences where male nurses convene, meet and discuss current issues in the medical profession. This is a great way for male nurses to come together across the country to learn about new opportunities and possible problems that others are facing. This is almost like a brotherhood organization that gives their members the ability to learn more about the profession and how to handle any differences that they could possibly face along their career journey.

Finding A Nursing School

Finding a nursing school that allows male students is no longer a problem or issue for those looking to enter the field. Today there is no discrimination based on gender, color or disability. Males are just as welcome to apply for admissions as their female counterparts. There are numerous universities nation wide that have nursing programs whether they be for a LVN, RN or the bachelors of nursing. Men are certainly not held back in any nursing program any longer, making them prime candidates for an excellent career in nursing. With the shortage of nurses today and what is projected in the future most of the medical field as well as universities are simply proud to have applicants. The nursing profession is facing shortages and there is some concern that over the next several years there will be a severe shortage of qualified applicants. This is a detriment to the medical profession and places hospitals, doctors and the like in jeopardy. Without nurses the patients are facing serious consequences as well as the nurses. The pay will likely continue to grow and benefits will be added along the way to draw those looking for a career to the nursing profession.
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