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Why MySpace Users Opt For Quote Layouts

May 3, 2008
Out of all the social networking platforms today, MySpace is credited with being the first and the best. MySpace allows users to create and use different layouts for their profile. Among one of the most popular layouts remains to the MySpace quoted layout- which gives many benefits to MySpace users.

It's interesting to note that the most popular types of quoted layouts are quite flashy in terms of their style. This is because other layouts that are more generalized already give room for users to put in quotes. Therefore, layouts that are geared towards a specific quote must have a good reason to help woo MySpace users to use it.

They real treat in the whole process is that users looking for a specific layout will usually get what they want simply by searching for a quote. This may be a quote from one's favorite author, musician, or other important figure. It's very popular for MySpace quote layouts to feature lyrics from popular bands and singers that have made an impact on the music industry.

Quoted layouts on MySpace also give a certain benefit when users try to find new quoted layouts. When searching a website for a quoted layout, the search engine on the website will commonly return results related to what you searched for. This is a great way to find new books, literature, and songs based on what you already like, which is quite handy indeed.

MySpace layouts also can exhibit one's intelligence. When one quotes a piece of literature, prose, or poetry- it often shows that the user is well versed in the arts of literature. This, in turn, gives the impression that the user is rather intelligent- something not all MySpace users can attest for. This also is a great way to meet other intelligent individuals you may not have otherwise had the chance to meet.

The satisfaction one gets from finding the right MySpace layout for them isn't always so abundant. More often than not, users will find that MySpace layouts they like are nice, but aren't always perfect. In that case, quoted layouts serve to be the best solution since they cater to the quote in question- meaning there is much more of a chance that the user will like the style that results.

Another popular use of quoted layouts is the romantic sense of usage. When one wishes to express their love for another individual, it's usually common to go find an "I love you" type layout that will express their feelings to their entire friends list on MySpace. This is usually more dominant among females, however, as men usually do not dabble with romantic topics on average.

In the end, MySpace layouts that feature quotes have a plethora of good benefits that result from a little searching. From finding new music and authors, to exhibiting a higher intelligence or showing love, MySpace quote layouts can prove to be quite useful indeed.
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