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Create An Endless Number Of Unique Articles Easily With Article Generator Software

May 3, 2008
Creating unique articles can be a costly and labor intensive task. I've written many articles so I can very much empathize with you. But till now,it has been too time consuming to write your own articles. It can also be too costly to hire a freelance writer to create articles for you.

Instant Article Wizard 2.0 article generator software is your article creation solution. You can create an endless number of unique articles with this article creation software. I am sure you know that in order to get a lot of traffic to your site, you may need hundreds of articles.

Articles will help you get hoards of traffic, links to your site, and high search engine rankings. You will also be ahead of the game compared to using PLR articles. PLR articles aren't unique and can be too costly. With this software you can create an endless number of unique articles.

Articles can be used for a variety of reasons. Reports, Google Adsense pages, newsletters, web site content, press releases, and ebooks are some of the uses. These are just some of the ways you can pull in a hefty income with your premium content.

Hiring a freelance writer or any PLR writers can be costly. Most will quote you $20-$75 per article depending on what you wanted them to write. And that's on the low end of what you would pay for a single article. You can cut your costs by at least 1000% with Instant Article Wizard 2.0 article generator software.

I am a big believer in promoting my websites and businesses using unique articles. You will have all the articles you ever need with Instant Article Wizard 2.0 article generator software. Having an endless amount of unique articles is going to increase your income and grow your business.

Instant Article Wizard is totally different from page spinners. Page spinners simply inserts and changes words in an article to make each article unique. The problem is that it is barely readable by humans. It's great for Google and other search engines because it passes the duplicate content filter.

Mario Olivers states, "I got Instant Article Wizard 1.0 few months ago,it was sitting in my hard drive because I thought that trying other tools (spinners) will save me time. I was wrong, all the "stuff" that the spinners created was barely readable! I started using Instant Article Wizard 2.0 and my articles are of a very good quality. Ready to send to any place that I want.

Instant Article Wizard 2.0 is also easy to learn and require minimal set-up. Tom Chuong exclaims, "In one word...Wow! I must be one of the pickiest software buyer out there and this software rocks! I've bought it and it literally took minutes to create a short article. There was absolutely no learning curve and this is especially important if you have not bought the previous version. I'm confident that IAW 2.0 will become one of my frequently used tools."
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Click here to learn more about Instant Article Wizard 2.0 or visit http://articlegeneratorsoftware.com/. This article generator software will create and endless number of unique and 'PLR free' articles.
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