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The Secrets to Managing a Successful AdWords Campaign

May 4, 2008
Sure, anyone can create and run an AdWords advertising campaign, but do you have the tools you need to ensure that you are running a successful AdWords campaign?

What stands in the gulf betwixt an AdWords campaign and an AdWords campaign that is a success is dollars, too often it is hundreds of dollars. Ad campaigns that are not a success can burn through hundreds-of-dollars that might be used in other places.

How do you keep from wasting the monies that you have set aside for advertisement?

That is easy. Every resource available will be used to manage with care each aspect of an Adword campaign. Choose with care keywords, and carefully consider what to bid on them, and then constantly watch the ads and keywords after the campaign is created to gauge their profitability.

Selecting keyword may not be an easy thing.

A successful keyword has to be one that is general enough that the uneducated browser would know to enter it into a search engine search but specific enough that it does not generate an excessive amount of idle interest. After all, the whole point of advertising is to make the sale; otherwise, you will never be able to recoup your investment.

Help is available for marketers from the Google Adwords site in making keyword selections. The tools available help marketers find words that are popularly searched for along with the synonyms and other relevant words to your marketing campaign.

Often advertisers don't understand that pay-per-click advertising is basically a great big auction and the person that bids the most will win the prize. In this instance, the person who bids the most is bidding the most on keywords for their ppc advertising. Their ads will show up in the highest spots on the 'sponsored links' and will be seen first.

With the notoriously short attention span of the average internet browser (think a three year old with attention deficit disorder) when it comes to trying to find the information they are searching for it is more important than ever that an advertisement be direct, to the point and easily accessible.

Ads that are hidden in back of pages of results is not going to get the searchers attention like the one that is on the top. However one at the top that gets a lot of unprofitable and idle browsers isn't helpful either. The balance between the two is tricky.

After an ad campaign is set in motion it is vital that the cost of the ad is held up in comparison to sales generated by it. If it isn't being profitable then alterations are needed or if it isn't an effective ad it may need removal.

Adwords is set up so you can keep tabs on the traffic going to your website from your ads. You should also use software to find out where the customers that are making purchases are coming from.

Careful management of your ads will result in an almost guaranteed success (or at the very least, a minimum of loss prior to the necessary adjustments being made).
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