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General Considerations On Viral Marketing Campaigns

May 4, 2008
In order to point out the characteristics of a well done viral marketing campaign, I will first try to define the concept. Mainly, a viral marketing campaign is the materialization of a marketing strategy, based on the amplitude of inter-individual relations.

The central piece of any viral marketing campaign is a certain message (it can very well vary from video clips to text messages) that is passed along in a voluntary way by people who receive it. For example, I get a message from one of my friends, and I myself pass this message, on a voluntary basis, to my whole list of friends.

Now, it's very interesting to explore this aspect: why do people pass these messages on and on? Why are some messages passed, while others are not? By answering these few questions, you'll reach the essence of a viral marketing campaign. It's an obvious thing that, just like any other marketing campaign, this one can also be either good or bad. And the most important indicator for its success is the number of people who receive its message. So, it's a fact that messages truly are the ultimate thing when it comes to viral marketing strategies.

A viral market campaign's strategy must be effective, in order to accomplish a very simple task: getting more visitors on your own site, seeing your business grow, day by day.

The ideal message of a viral marketing campaign is as short as possible, therefore, very easy to assimilate, and it has the capacity to touch the area of human motivations and behaviors. You must tell people something that they are interested in, so that they would hear you and remember what you say. And if you captivate their attention, it's most likely that they tell their friends about it, too. It has to be quite general, so that it would touch as many people as possible, as the quantitative dimension is crucial and also obvious. This is the philosophy of an appropriate message for this type of marketing strategy: short, strong and general.

The main resources for the viral marketing campaigns are the already existing social networks. A social network is the totality of your friends and family and the relations between you. It's kind of like exploiting a real connection between people, using something you don't have anything to do with, something you didn't create and that probably precedes your marketing strategies. It's kind of like a snow ball: getting bigger and bigger, as it touches more and more people, its growth meaning more profits for who is behind that marketing strategy.

As a means of increasing your profits and lowing you advertisement costs, a good, effective viral marketing campaign is highly recommended, as long as you carefully choose the messages you are about to send, making them easy to understand and worthy of being passed on.

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