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Ebay Marketing Tips That Produce Results

May 4, 2008
Selling products on eBay can be a powerful way to make money online. There are many people that make a good living just from eBay alone. EBay continues to grow in popularity as more people gain access to the internet and realize that they can purchase items reliably and safely through eBay and also get a great price at the same time without even having to leave the house.

In addition, remember that eBay spends millions of dollars each year to drive traffic to their sites so all you have to do is ensure that you have great products to sell. While selling a product on eBay may sound simple, the truth is that it does require a fair bit of knowledge and expertise in order to become a power seller and succeed long term. It is important to not get discouraged if your first few listings do not do very well. Consider them as learning experiences that will help you to become a better eBay seller.

The eBay system uses a process of gathering feedback on every transaction. The purpose of getting buyer feedback is to determine the most reputable and reliable sellers. It is critical that you develop positive feedback ratings at every level if you want to succeed at selling on eBay. The bottom line is that like any other successful business your focus must be on providing excellent products and superior customer service.

Make sure that the product descriptions you create are accurate and not misleading in any way. Also make it very clear about how you will accept payment and also about any delays that may occur if for example people decide to buy using a cheque. It is a good idea to accept as many different payment methods as possible. In addition be sure to clearly indicate any countries that you will not ship to as well. When you do receive orders make sure to ship them out right away to avoid any delays as this can lead to negative feedback also.

Selecting the right kinds of products to sell is also important as certain products simply do not sell very well on eBay. There are many sources you can look into to find products such as wholesale sources or drop shippers. Drop shipping is often a good option since you do not have to keep any inventory of your own and it saves you the hassle associated with packaging and shipping. You can learn a lot from those that are doing well on eBay already.

Take a look at a few power sellers and observe the kinds of product descriptions they use as well as the types of products they sell as this can give you a good idea as to which direction to head. Buyers will usually find your product listing by running a search on the eBay site. Thus your headline needs to be keyword rich in order to display in the search results. Be sure to pick high volume and relevant keywords for your product descriptions as this will help to ensure that you get the most hits on your listings.

While the eBay site can send you good traffic you can also look into other sources of traffic like pay per click advertising with Google adwords. When using this type of advertising be sure to select only the most relevant keywords and ad descriptions in order to maximize conversion rates. Try some of these eBay marketing techniques for increased online profits.
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