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Better Retirement Investment Planning With Self Directed Iras

May 5, 2008
Why are you investing for retirement?

The question may sound silly and we agree to your amusement. But if you are investing on your retirement plan to secure your future life, why are you investing them at one place? Is there any guarantee that your investment will yield as much as you are expecting? Or is there any guarantee that your investment will secured?

No one can say that "this investment option is 100% secured". Almost all investment options are subject to market risk and we call something more secured depending on the percentage of risks involved in it.

The only secured element in your life is that someday you would retire and your retired life depends on the decisions you make today. And the best note of advice that any seasoned investment planner may give you is 'diversification of investment'.

And perhaps it is more important today as social security amount is also not secured or good enough to support you after retirement.

This is the very reason why educated and realistic citizens of USA are taking the initiative and moving forward to change the situation. Most of them even do not want to depend on just their company sponsored retirement plans where the company alone determines available investment options. To add to this, people have become conscious about not investing in their own company to show loyalty to their workplace. It does not mean that they are no more loyal to their company. It simply means that, they are now serious about their future and do not want to put all their eggs in a single basket.

That is not all; people are not simply diversifying for the sake of diversification or they are not simply going out for any high yield investments. They are just taking as much risk as they are comfortably with. If you look at the recent trend, people are very much interested in real estate investment rather than going for stocks and bonds. Wise investors are keeping a balance between risk and security. And real estate is always one of the most secured investment options. Though there had been minor setbacks in real estate market in last few years, it is again moving towards a profit.

Some of you might be thinking, how is it possible to invest your retirement savings. The process may seem very tough to some of you. But the process is as simple as it sounds. All you need is to turn your traditional IRA into self directed IRAs and start calculating your investment options.

You can easily join an investment club or you may even consult an investment advisor to help you out in the whole investment plan. However, if you do not want to pay the advisor, you can go with an investment club or even start your own.

One of the big reasons of planning your retirement options via self directed IRA is that it offers you maximum investment options compared to other plans. You can start a LLC (Limited Liability Company) and you can directly invest in real estate or corporations, limited partnerships or even in bonds, stocks and mutual funds.

It is not just about saving money for the future, it is about making the most out of your regular retirement savings. It is also about making your savings work hard for you and earn to its potential.
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