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Utilizing Innovative Business Card Ideas

Aug 17, 2007
Business cards are a low cost marketing and advertising tool in today's competitive world. They represent the company in the industry, inform the people about the company and promote the company. Effective ones leave a long lasting impression about the business. When they are creative they can enhance the reputation of a company in the market.

Considerations for Creating Effective Business Cards
Keep some considerations in mind while selecting business cards. The size of the business card should not be more than 3 by 2.5 inches. It must be able to fit in a wallet.

Choose a theme for the card that suits the company. For example, for the fashion industry, create a colorful business card with a modernized sketch of a girl with designer apparel. In contrast, for a funeral business, such a colorful card is not suitable.

Too many images on the card will create a mess. Keep the card simple. Be creative with limited images. This will leave a memorable and effective impression among the clients.

It should provide enough information regarding the company. For a small business, important details, such as name, fax number, phone number of office, address, and email address are enough. However, a business card for a corporation, may give details of employees as well as the company. The corporate one should contain clear printed details like the names of employees, designation, personal number, email address, fax number, corporate website, business name, office number, and address. Always continue updating the details of the business card whenever required.

The logo is an essential element of the business card. The logo establishes the tone and personality of the business. A tagline is another element, which business cards generally lack. The tagline along with the logo can make the business card creative and communicative.

Double-Sided Business Cards Enhance Effectiveness
A two-sided one won't cost much more. Make it more interesting and valuable by adding information of events, tips, quotes, coupons, and route maps of the business on the back of the card. Enhance the brand identity by adding graphics on the back of it. Do not put important information on the back.

Let the graphic professionals design it. There are printing services available in the market, which supply ideas. Contact these services for more information on creating business cards. Online services have more choices and first hand information. Leave the designing with the professionals and put effort and time into company development plans.
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