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Hotel Survey Results Reveal Best Target Market

May 5, 2008
Hotel survey results reveal the best target market through demographic information on age, education and income. The survey also reveals psychographics for lifestyles, social class and purpose of travel.

Knowing this information about hotel customers will aid managers and marketers to increase customers and improve services.

The hotel survey was conducted by The Center of Hospitality Research at Cornell University.

Hotel Survey Results Reveals Age

Half of all hotel customers are between age 41 and 55. Less than a quarter (20.5%) are younger, while almost a third (30%) are older. Thus, most hotel customers are in the Boomer generation.

Hotel Survey Results 2 - Education

Most (61%) hotel customers are college educated. Almost 20 percent have one degree and 13 percent have at least two degrees. Another quarter have attended college, but not completed a degree. Of the remaining, less than two percent failed to graduate from high school.

Hotel Survey Results 3 - Income

Most (85%) hotel customers earn at least $25,000 per year. Almost 44 percent earn less than $50,000 annually while slightly more than 41 percent earn more than $50,000.

Hotel Survey Results 4 - Social Class and Lifestyle

The hotel survey results on education and income reveals that the majority of hotel customers categorize into the Achiever lifestyle and the middle class.

Hotel Survey Results - Leisure versus Business

Three times as many hotel customers travel for leisure as for business.

Hotel Survey Results on Hotels' Best Target Market

Results of the Cornell hotel survey portrays hotel customers as middle-aged, well-educated Boomers, who travel to have fun with friends and family.

Thus, hotel managers should consider designing their marketing and hotel activities and services to attract this target market.
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Hotel managers and marketers get characteristics for this target market at hotel market segmentation or read more about Baby Boomers.
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