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Managing PPC And Affiliate Marketing

May 5, 2008
How can you build wealth by using affiliate marketing and pay per click? You do that by not just sending the traffic on to your affiliates to get the commission but by building your own assets at the same time.

While going through the process of getting visitors to your site, have a 'product' of you own available for your customers, something individual to your site. Compile contact information from these visitors as often as possible. Then point them in your affiliate's direction.

Traditionally, if you can call five or six years of history "traditionally," affiliate marketers have mostly thrown up banner ads or link exchanges, bought PPC and other traffic, and tossed it back to the original owner in the hopes that a sale will be made and he can get a few bucks off of it.

We call people who do that "bitslingers." They buy traffic and get the dollars from it, but nothing else. They add nothing of value to the mix. They're just brokers of clicks, and little more. Want to be more than just a bitslinger? Build an asset, a customer list you can communicate with again and again.

What could you do to take a valuable product and add some value of your own to it? Here are some suggestions:

Proffer an informative tutorial.

Do a substantive teleseminar on a topic that would be a natural, unassuming segue to the affiliate product or service that you're promoting.

Offer on your site an ecourse that you can send out over several days then tout your affiliate product in this manner.

Make available at no cost a guide or reference 'paper' on the subject.

If you're promoting multiple competing programs, offer to show people a price and quality comparison and let them choose for themselves.

Offer an audio download related to your topic.

Organize a competition.

Provide a free software download.

Most importantly, don't tell your customers, "Hey, go use my product." Don't push it like banshees. First teach them something of value that will help them improve their own sales process.

In days gone by all you had to do was buy clicks from Google and herd them through your links to your affiliate hosts site. These hosts love it especially when they have nearly all of the advertisements on the page pointing to them.

Google saw things differently. Stranglehold setups like that ruined the whole experience of using AdWords and made Google look bad. So in early 2005, it put a stop to it. The policy now is that only one advertiser per display URL can show up on any one page of AdWords listings.

What this does mean though is that your affiliates can be on that same page of Google results. It also means that you aren't allowed to push traffic directly to your affiliate host's website.

Therefore you, if you're an affiliate for another host, or your affiliates have to create some unique and solid content for the webpage your visitors land on if you want to flourish. With this you have a win/win situation. Your site adds richness to the internet and your visitors add to your client base.
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