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Branding R.O.I. And Rubber Stamps

May 5, 2008
Every business has a model to deploy their brand in some shape or form, be it putting up a billboard or getting the company logo tattooed, (not recommended!). The question is, what will your branding return on investment (ROI) turn out?

Deploying your brand to the consumer can be a tedious task - but doing it attractively as well as staying cost effective is key to business success. Rubber stamps remain a major solution for staying ROI focused and here's why:

- They can display your message very neatly
- They cost very little
- Little time is spent making impressions, (self-inking especially)
- Every impression leaves a noticeably unique touch

As there are so many different mediums to deploy the brand onto with the stamp, it's a loss not to use it in some shape or form.

Nobody wants someone else's mess, right? Keeping things tidy for your consumer should always be top priority. Many times a company will have a simple message they end up writing to consumers by hand hundreds of times a day, (ex: "Entered") and overlook the branding possibilities. Even with the most simple of messages your company should adhere to a visual standard, rubber stamps being a great solution.

Every brand has an image to uphold through some form of marketing - regardless of income. Deploying rubber stamps in place of costly printing press methods is a great way to save money and can be used on anything from newsletters all the way to information tags and packaging. While not practical for companies needing thousands of brand placements by the minute they certainly are capable of installing your brand to thousands of materials. For higher volume stamping, self inking stamps are recommended as they can deploy message after message thousands of times without delay.

Getting a brand image out to consumers is often a brain scrambling process that many companies try too hard to innovate, losing site of their main goal: to sell. Using your stamps to brand leaves you with slew of innovative branding possibilities and they are deployable on-the-fly.

All companies use some type of form letter, whether it be a welcome letter, a reminder letter, or even holiday greetings. Most likely your business has implemented a computer program that includes your logo on letterhead. Each of those letters is most likely placed into a plain white envelope. Smart business sense tells you that using computer ink to print a return address, or having envelopes printed at a copy service can be expensive. Especially if you want printed inks that don't smear and create an unprofessional appearance for your business mailing. Use of rubber stamps will add a personalized touch that consumers can't help but notice.

Since the advent of rubber stamps there has always been a perfectly cost effective method at deploying brands - It's a wonder why more companies don't utilize this simple and effective tool!
About the Author
Nick Toffolon is a stamp branding and ROI enthusiast covering statistics and design for rubber stamps. He currently enjoys toying with various methods and mediums for rubber stamp brand deployment.
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