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This One Exercise Makes Entrepreneurial Life All Worthwhile

May 5, 2008
Enjoy the moment. Too often we are so caught up in making money to pay the bills that we do not reflect on our accomplishments. Instead, we focus on our shortcomings. This, in turn, puts us into a feeling of failure and a downward spiral of self-inflicted negative thinking.

In particular, it has become clear that many large organizations will focus on an employee lack of a particular skill set leading to demoralization of that person. The employee will become more lackluster each succeeding day. The output and successes decrease over time and eventually the employee is either let go or finally realizes the need to work elsewhere.

Entrepreneurs are lucky they are free to work as they please. However, the days are very long because the entire business depends upon the entrepreneur. The early years are the most difficult when the entrepreneur does not know if their hard work will translate into success down the road. So if you are in your early years, how can you celebrate?

The first step to celebration is to look back to where you were six months and a year ago to realize how far you have come. Honestly look at what you have achieved in terms of your current business plan, the pieces that require extra attention, and what your next targeted platform will be. When you realize how much you have already accomplished, tell yourself, you have done a very good job.

Make it a habit every six months to hold a Business Review with yourself. Assess new steps for future goals and celebrate those you recently accomplished.

Always work toward your distant business model and your 12 month goal. Each six months revise and add to your 12 month goal. It will help you remain focused, achieve more quickly and bring far more celebrations for the work you do.

Another form of celebration is to recognize important days in your life such as birthdays, anniversaries and vacations. You need to occasionally refresh your mind and body by calling for a time-out from work. A relaxed mind will help you gain clarity. You will re-energize and regain resolve to pursue your work upon your return.

To date, I am unaware of male owned businesses urging other men to appreciate their accomplishments. While I once thought men had it made in corporate America, I have become increasingly aware that they too need encouragement and celebration of their lives. This is one area where the women are definitely ahead in the business arena. Numerous organizations dedicated to helping women succeed and celebrate their lives have taken hold and enjoy increasing membership.

Many of us spend so much of our lives helping and nurturing others, we need to occasionally do the same for ourselves. Make the time for yourself on a regular basis to reflect on who you are, what you believe, what your greatness is, and allow yourself to shine for the moment. And then move forward in your spotlight.

I urge each of my readers to set one more goal. For your next milestone achieved, treat yourself to a trip to the spa, a special birthday gift, or a vacation as appropriate with your time and budget. You will be glad you did!

My Story:
For my generation, my husband and I were elderly parents. So we decided to have children 15 months apart. I spent 15 years at home as a devoted wife and mother. I did my best to make the most of each day with the children so they would grow to become independent and contributing members of society.

My special birthday celebration took place last month and it became a truly special event. My son and daughter readily agreed to meet us in New York. Recognizing they are both active adults, they could easily have said, No, or I do not have the time.

The four days were a team event with each of us taking turns to decide what to do. My children surprised me with a lovely gift. But the most precious gift came when our son, playing the advocate, began a conversation by asking why we decided to have the two of them so close together.

Our daughter immediately blurted out, Mom, you can tell me I was an accident or adopted. I do not care. I just love you. Our son readily agreed. Their sentiments were the highlight of my birthday celebration. The gift is a reminder of our wonderful time together.

Whatever you choose to do in life, remember your original intentions and follow through with your heart. You will have much to celebrate.
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