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Why Customers Love Thank You Stamps And Why You Should Too

May 6, 2008
Consumers are picky. They like to know that their retailer has a reliable, quality, and unique service only they can provide. While it's not impossible to provide a wholly unique service, it is most certainly not easy to do in this day and age of corporate competition. Rubber stamping can really give that 'something extra' that catches many buyers off guard leading them to not feel like just another statistic. Exactly how to go about using the stamps effectively on your audience can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Let's face it: more than likely your consumers can get whatever it is you're offering in one shape or another from someone else. What you need is something that makes them think they are getting it from a place that cares about them and not just another sale. Loyalty comes with special service and attention - something that although minor, is often forgotten in the form of rubber stamps.

Most every company has some way to show customer appreciation and for the most part getting it done in a timely, cost efficient manner comes first. A great example of how to do this that has been proven to gain consumer trust is to send a "Thank You" letter or card after a purchase. Not only is it effective, it's also formal and polite. A great way to extend the level of care and make the letter feel more 'hands on' from the company is to use a rubber stamp. Having placed a stamp on the document it shows that it has passed through real human hands and hasn't totally been automated in this space age world of bots and computers. Even this slight impression has a fair influence on a customer's experience and likely will have them coming back for more at first chance.

So now that you know what to use a "Thank You" stamp on lets look into an efficient way to create the document.

A great way to start a Thank You letter is by simply writing out a few generic sentences thanking a customer for their purchase and anything about the company you think they should know. The owners of the company should then sign the document. Be it placement of the signatures by hand, with document printout, or stamp is up to you. Finally, placement of a "Thank You" stamp somewhere on each card will really let your customer know they are being treated by real people. Many rubber stamps can include the date and even the company logo to really show that the company truly values their loyalty while giving the brand exposure.

A carefully thought out method of deploying something as seemingly small as rubber stamps can really give your customers the extra impression of being cared for, which will lead them to put more trust in your company. Your customers are real people and they want to know their product is in good hands - using a Thank You stamp just that.
About the Author
Nick Toffolon is a branding and ROI stamping enthusiast. Simply put, he covers design and custom marketing with rubber stamps. He is always sure to say "Thank You" by way of stamp whenever possible.
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