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How To Run A Subscription Business With Affiliate Marketing Networks

May 6, 2008
Before you launch your very own internet business, it would be natural for you to have a business plan. Of course, included in this business plan is a model that will be the method you will be using as you go about your business. There are actually several types of business models that you can consider including brokerage, advertising, affiliate and subscription.

Although you may be perfectly content with an affiliate marketing program, you should still be open to more business techniques such as subscription. This way, you are increasing your chances of being successful in your internet business.

Basically, the subscription model will require users to pay a periodic fee in order to avail of the services you are providing. They could choose to pay monthly, quarterly and even annually. Most online businesses now offer premium content to their members in return for their membership fees. It is not surprising that subscription is now being combined with other business models like advertising and affiliate marketing because of its simplicity and productivity.

Having two of the most highly-successful business models will surely make your profit shoot up. With your team of affiliates generating traffic to your site, you will no longer need to worry about promoting your products and services. Now, the only problem left is making sure that these conversation (i.e. visits into sales) come back for repeat business. This is where subscription comes in. By giving members special offers, you will be able to keep them interested in your products and services for long-term.

Of course, it is crucial that your services and products are constantly being improved and modified to fit the growing needs of your customers. If you do this, your customers or members will surely not mind the subscription fees that they are paying. Instead, they will feel privileged for being able to enjoy premium-level services.

Since you will be accepting recurring payments in the form of subscription fees, it is important that you have PayPal, WorldPay or Authorize.net accounts to collect your payments. These gateways will make your site even more accessible because you will be able to offer more payment options for your subscribed members. The good news is that Click2Sell.EU (http://www.click2sell.eu) can offer you a very good affiliate network program that will surely complement this subscription model. You are able to setup your products - subscription services in this case to sell. You will have very professional affiliates working at your side and helping you increase traffic. Since these affiliates will be working on a commission basis, you will save a lot in advertising cost.

In addition, merchants like you can easily improve your market share considering such companies. Now, you can focus on developing your product. And to reward these affiliates who have worked very hard to market your brand, you will be able to set up a commission percentage that they deserve. Lastly, it will help you keep track of all important things including your affiliate performance, sales performance, subscriptions, refunds, profit and many more. Monitoring all these will surely be easy, fun and convenient and running your subscription business will be as easy as 1-2-3.
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Egidijus Andreika is a creator of Click2Sell.EU Affiliate Programs Network. Click2Sell.EU provides you all the merchant tools with a built in affiliate network to sell your digital, material or subscription based products. Run affiliate program, 100% control and manage all your affiliates. Accept payments, control refunds, customers and run your subscription based affiliate marketing business successfully. Visit: http://www.click2sell.eu
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