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Are You Doomed To Failure In Your Business?

May 6, 2008
Are you doomed to failure in your business? Many will tell you that. After all, most small business ventures fail sometime within the first five years. Many people, sometimes even though well meaning, will try to discourage you from starting your own business. They will say you have to have a natural aptitude and talent for being in business. Or they might say, you have to be a born entrepreneur. It's your choice whether to believe them or not, but I say if you are motivated to start your own business chances are you have these qualities to some degree already.

Sure, there ARE skills that you absolutely need to have to be a successful businessperson. The good news though, is there are many ways to develop those skills along the way. Instead of focusing on those skills at first, you should be thinking about the qualities inherent to all good entrepreneurs.

First is perseverance. Remember your research paper/project you had to write back in school? Well this is your research project on steroids! At the beginning, you may learn many new things and concepts from your research that require further study and understanding. You move forward slow, but steady. The danger being, that you give up just before you find the particular information you are seeking. If you keep plugging away and compiling the necessary information, you will end up with very nice finished product. This persistence and perseverance is the same thing you need in business. You must keep at it until you get to the point of success.

In the business world, perseverance certainly can take you a long way but a second valuable attribute is for one to have thick skin. Needless to say, along your journey of building your business you are going to come across many individuals that would like nothing more than to see you fail so they can succeed. You will without a doubt encounter those who have nothing good to say and are only negative about what you need to do with your business. You must take most of it with a grain of salt otherwise it won't be long before you are ready to hang it up and close shop. Take the constructive advice and tune out the completely negative.

Your ultimate success in your business venture will require perseverance, a thick skin, and finally, the ability to deal with... FAILURE! That's right. Failure. Many of the most successful people in business and in life have had to deal with many more failures than you might imagine. What separates people like Bill Gates who in the 1970s was a Harvard dropout? Or Elvis Presley who after his first show was told "you ain't going nowhere, son". Or Walt Disney who was fired by a newspaper editor because he lacked good ideas? The most successful people in life and in business were failures multiple times in their efforts to be successful. What separated them is that they did not give up. You shouldn't either. If you have just one of the three qualities I have spoken of here, make it your ability to deal with failures by seeing them as part of your success journey.

If you will persevere through setbacks, let the negativity of people around you regardless of their intentions roll off of your back, and DO NOT quit despite the failures that will come your way in your business, you will not be able to keep from succeeding. Go ahead and FAIL your way all the way to the top!

To Your Failures Leading To Your Success,
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