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Express How You Feel With a Smiley!

May 6, 2008
Make your forum posts, emails or IMs more exciting with an emoticon. Emoticons are a type of small computer generated graphic that are able to express for you how you feel when you write. Anyone, even those who have never tried before, can use a smiley.

Adding a smiley to your message is a great way to make the person you are sending it to feel happy. Smiles are infectious, even computer generated ones.

There are times when words just wont do. A smiley or computer graphic can be the best solution to letting someone know how you feel. Sending hearts or a teddy bear hug graphic is a sure way to let your crush know youre interested.

Emoticons and smileys can also save you from the uncomfortable embarrassment of trying to say or write to someone how you feel. If your innocent advances are not well received, you can always say you hit the wrong key or were just joking around.

There are many places on the web were you can download smileys and emoticons. One great site for this is smileyCentral. They have unique graphics you will find no where else on the web and have over 10,000 for you to choose from.

SmileyCentral also offers tons of user specific graphics. For instance, they offer smileys for AIM, MSN IM, Yahoo! IM, ICQ, and Outlook Express. Sometimes the selection for these can be small and unexciting, so having a whole bunch to choose from can make instant messaging much more fun.

The way it works is that you download a small download. This installs a smiley center on your computer, so you have them available at all times. New graphics are automatically added as they become available. You are also given a convenient search bar which makes hunting on the Internet so much easier!

If you have not used smileys or emoticons before, smileyCentral can make your email, chat and web journaling experience much more fun. There are thousands of graphics you can choose from in order to convey to your friend, special someone or blog readers exactly how it is you feel.
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