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Military Recruiters

May 6, 2008
Army recruiters are primarily tasked with assisting candidates through the various steps before being admitted into the army. In the American army, the function of the recruiters generally range from providing possible volunteers with the information that they need and ask for, as well as accompanying the candidate to the testing centers.

Army recruiters are stationed in various recruitment centers in the United States. When a prospective volunteer first meets a recruiter, it's usually just for data gathering sessions, so he/she learns the details of the job. Recruiters lecture candidates about the jobs available, the requirements, the benefits of each job, and the enlistment process. The recruiter also answers any questions that candidates ask.

Usually, the recruiter sets the date for a candidate to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test in a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) or a local testing facility. The MEPS is where the physical examinations are done, as well as where the candidate gets to choose his/her military occupational specialty. The recruiter also provides the transportation to the MEPS

Once the volunteer finishes the exam, the recruiter guides the candidate in choosing the military position he/she wants to do. The recruiter typically guides the volunteer with the help of a military counselor. After the candidate has received the proper documents and finished selecting his/her Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), he/she is told to return to the MEPS for the basic military training. The recruiter also usually takes the enlistee back from the MEPS.

Recruiters basically give the necessary information that all candidates must know before they make any decisions. They also guide them through the entire enlistment process. This is similar to the normal recruitment process of any other organization, although military recruiters do not have the same human resource-related tasks that ordinary recruiters have. For example, they cannot fire soldiers or decide their wages, although standards are already set for these things.
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Army Recruiters are primarily tasked with assisting candidates through the various steps before being admitted into the Army
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